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Apparently I have Chronis Stress

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Skribble Wed 27-Jul-05 00:55:53

Apparently I have Chronis Stress, I did one of those magazine flow chart things and got to the box that described me perfectly. This was the chronic stress box.

So thats why I have acne, migraines, unexplained back ache, insomnia etc etc.

So now I know what box I'm in now what?

colditz Wed 27-Jul-05 01:12:22

You should make a huge effort to relax, and destress your life.

go swimming, it really helps my muscles relax.

Skribble Wed 27-Jul-05 01:34:04

Sorry hate swimming it would take me 3 hrs to defuzz my flaming legs and stuff. Can't really get away from the stress.

HappyHuggy Wed 27-Jul-05 01:36:22

Meditations good for relaxing - i really find it helps, also camamile tea and insence sticks help of a night when the kids are in bed

WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 08:39:47

The first thing I would say is not to put too much store by a magazine flow chart - the way you feel will give more clues as to whether you are suffering from chronic stress, depression or one of any number of physical conditions which could explain your symptoms.

Go and see your GP and let him make the diagnosis that will tell you what box you're in. Ask for blood tests to rule out physical causes such as anaemia or thyroid problems as well. If it's stress or depression that's the problem then you may need anti-depressants or some kind of therapy to help you - don't be afraid to try whatever the GP suggests.

Exercise is good for stress - it doesn't have to be swimming, and it doesn't mean you need to de-fuzz your legs! There must be some kind of exercise you enjoy, even if it's just a walk in the park. And try and get some time to yourself as well, to get away from the root cause of the problem. I know stress doesn't go away just because you aren't around the cause of it anymore, but a bit of "me time" really can help when things get too much.

Skribble Thu 28-Jul-05 00:18:05

In know I am stressed and depressed. I just never really admitted it. I used the magazine article to tell MIL who was really upset to discover I had suffer quite badly with PN depression and she never knew.

So I just announced at dinner Oh I was reading this article.

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