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anyone else awake

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kath4kids Sat 23-Jul-05 04:05:41

any one else awake at this unearthly hour? please talk to me

kath4kids Sat 23-Jul-05 04:25:44

ok obviously i the only mad one awake so will try to go back to bed

bobbybob Sat 23-Jul-05 05:06:32

Hope you got back to sleep Kath.

jollymum Sat 23-Jul-05 06:32:05

I am, 'cos my no 2 child is going on BB camp and I have to go and buy him food for the journey {because no 1 child turned the fridge off yesterday!}

jamboure Sat 23-Jul-05 07:24:33

been up since 5 with dt's

FrumpyGrumpy Sat 23-Jul-05 08:42:14

Hi K4K, was awake then too but just with a mind doing overtime, I should have come online. How things?

kath4kids Sat 23-Jul-05 09:14:57

things just about as awful as they can get. don't know whether to give up fighting or fight for everything that is rightfully mine. Sorry this prob doesn't make sense to anyone.

kath4kids Sat 23-Jul-05 09:16:15

jolly mum whats bb camp? my kids going on camp today too. opps to turning off the fridge, and this is just the begining of the hols.

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