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Could things get any worse???

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firstbabyandnervous Tue 19-Jul-05 09:34:20

Dont know of I should be posting here or not but ive just had the worst few days.Dp was posted to Kosovo yesterday for 3 months.I thought that was bad enough but my mother was taking into hospital on Sunday with meningitis.Im now 23 wks pg and I know its not good for the baby but I just havent been able to stop crying.Feeling really down atm

TracyK Tue 19-Jul-05 09:39:24

Oh no - firstbaby! not a good start to the week. Do you have any brothers or sisters or any friends that you can lean on for support?
Or have a read through other peoples threads - it always makes my probs look teeny incomparison to people worse off than me. iykwim.

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