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cygnet ealing experiences

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MiffyWhinge Mon 01-Mar-10 09:29:23

hoping for an absolute flood of inspiring and uplifting accounts from ex-patients or parents of patients - or even just one or two would do?

MiffyWhinge Tue 02-Mar-10 07:58:37


MiffyWhinge Wed 03-Mar-10 08:46:10

MitchyInge Mon 29-Mar-10 10:55:04

bumping again

Nemofish Mon 29-Mar-10 20:41:39

Sorry Mitch, did you mean 'cygnet healing' or are you referring to a place in Ealing called 'cygnet?'

MitchyInge Tue 30-Mar-10 09:08:23

yes, the Cygnet hospital in Ealing which is an eating disorder/self harm unit - healing via cygnets would be lovely though!

daughter will be going in for about 3 or 4 months soon (luckily the NHS are covering it as have exhausted treatment options available from them) and was hoping to make contact with people who have been in there

MitchyInge Wed 31-Mar-10 19:43:07

SOMEONE on mumsnet must have had treatment there, or their teenager?

mollythetortoise Wed 31-Mar-10 19:57:05

my brother was there for about a month in about 2000. It was very nice and he had a nice bedroom. We could visit every day.
He was in for MH issues not self harm. He was sectioned.

I don't remember whether the treatment itself was good as this was all new to me at the time and I mostly visited to keep him company rather than check on his progress (like I guess a parent would).

It seemed quite laid back and they could go to Ealing Broadway etc during day.

Sorry probably not much help, especially as 10 years ago.

MitchyInge Wed 31-Mar-10 20:02:11

thank you - just nice to have a response

think they only treat eating disorders and self harm there now, according to website anyway

hopefully is still quite laid back, was quite hard for her to get leave from the NHS unit she was in last time

Holly2234 Mon 23-May-16 22:35:47

Hi I was just wondering if your daughter got into cygnet in the end if so would you/her be able to tell me what it's like? Thanks x

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