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I am so proud of my dh!

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Miaou Wed 06-Jul-05 14:00:38

After four years of suffering from depression, which at one point got so bad that we almost split up, dh went to the doctors today and talked about it with a professional for the first time.

The GP was great - said just the right things, was very supportive and congratulated him on plucking up the courage to go and see her. He's been given some anti-d's to take.

Incidentally, he recently watched a programme in which Monty Don (gardener) talked about his depression and how he eventually sought help and it influenced him quite a bit.

I think anyone who has gone through depression knows how hard it is to take this first step. I am really proud of him for having done it!

Donbean Wed 06-Jul-05 14:03:21

I dont know why, i dont know you but i feel very proud of your DH too. I am sat here smiling at your post and feeling all warm inside.
Well done Mr Miaou.

charleepeters Wed 06-Jul-05 14:05:41

Thats great Miaou! I hope this is the start of his recovery - i am a depression sufferer and i know its hard to talk to people about it as i often felt as it wasnt a physical thing it wasnt an illness to be treated, but g.p's are really understanding. Good on him and you for supporting him!

lilaclotus Wed 06-Jul-05 14:07:48

ohh that's great. i know depression from both sides, being the supportive one and the suffering one. it's hard to go see a doctor to get help for yourself, but it can be even harder to convince a loved one to seek help. well done. i hope the ad's help and you can recover from the last 4 years {{hug}}

tiptop Wed 06-Jul-05 14:10:16

Hi, Miaou, It's been ages since we talked (about cows, iirc!) I'm not on MN much now, so good to catch up with you and your good news. I will cross fingers that things will get better for you and your dh. Good on you, Mr Miaou.

NomDePlume Wed 06-Jul-05 14:20:51

This is great stuff Miaou, well done to your DH. I think depression is often a bit of a taboo where men are concerned, almost as if it's a sign of weakness to suffer from it, so they sweep it under the carpet. I'm really pleased that your DH is facing it head on

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