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PND - Fluoxetine what to expect?

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BeckyBendyLegs Sat 09-Jan-10 12:07:18

Hi, I've just been diagnosed with PND and have been given Fluoxetine. I'm scared about taking this drug, have started taking it and am on day 4 so far, can anyone let me know what to expect? And also what to expect when I stop? Scared about withdrawal symptoms too. Also: my main problem with my PND seems to be insomnia and I have some sleeping pills but really scared about taking them too as terrified of dependence - have taken them Wed and last night so far but don't like it at all. Any experience? Any advice?

madmouse Sat 09-Jan-10 13:45:39

You are right to be cautious about dependence on sleeping tablets as they are addictive. A good gp will only give you a few and for a short time. It may be that when the ads kick in properly your sleep will improve and you won't need them. If you don't like how they make you feel have you tried natural remedies? I struggled with sleep due to ptsd and when I am too wired to drop off Valerian tea really helps me. Unfortunately it is not great for preventing early waking, but there are lots of remedies out there and one might well work.

Just remember that anything more potent than a herbal tea needs checking for contra indication with ads.

demolitionduo Sat 09-Jan-10 13:45:39

I took Fluoxetine for a year.

I had a few side effects to begin with: metallic taste in my mouth, drowsiness & a headache or two but nothing that awful.

Once they kicked in fully after about 2-3 weeks, the cloud that had descended on me started to lift. I felt so much better.

Like everything, still had ups & downs but the downs were more manageable & not so long lasting.

Coming off them was actually quite easy & no real withdrawal. Went from 2 a day to one a day. Then one every other day to nothing over about 3 weeks. Not needed them since either so they really did make a difference.

GetDownYouWillFall Sun 10-Jan-10 20:58:59

Hi Becky, it's scary starting a new drug but try not to get too anxious, bad side effects are quite rare. Sometimes you think you are having a side effect when it is actually just your own anxiety.
Just to reassure you, I too had terrible insomnia with my PND - this continued long after my DD started sleeping through the night. I was terrified about dependence on the zopiclone, but I promised myself I would only take one when I really needed it and that worked well for me. I still have a couple in the bathroom cabinet which I haven't use but are there for emergencies. I think knowing you just having a few in the cupboard can help you sleep as it gives you a bit of peace of mind.
My AD is mirtazapine and one of the side effects is sleepiness which has been great for me. It helps you sleep and is non-addictive. One to bear in mind if the Fluox doesn't suit you too well. Good luck with it though - you will be fine. I sleep much better these days.

SilveryMoon Sun 10-Jan-10 21:08:41

BeckyBendyLegs Can I just say a massive congratulations on your baby then. We came across each other a long time ago on a MC thread you had started (I was littleboyblue then) and I had MC'd and then posted that within the week \i was pregnant again! I don't imagine you'd remember me ut just in case I mentioned ow disturbed I was about my 10m ds watching us 'baby dancing' blush

Anyway, I have been on Fluoxetine now for 8 months and they are thinking of weaning me off in Feb when ds2 turns 12 months.
IIRC it took about 3-5 weeks to fully kick in and for the first few weeks I was soooooo tired from them, but stuck with it and have not looked back tbh.
I am a little nervous at the thought of coming off of them, but am willing to give it a try.
When I was faced with the decision of whether or not to take AD's, I decided that for me and my family, it would be better at that time for me to get back on track and find some sort of balance where I could cope day to day without crying, and not to think too much of the long term things, but do 1 step at a time and tackle each bridge as I came to it.
I have no regrets (but have not come off them yet)

BeckyBendyLegs Mon 11-Jan-10 11:01:07

Hi there, I do remember you littleboyblue! Congrats on your baby too! That was a long time ago now... I did go on to get pregnant nearly a year after my MC and the result is my eight-week old little bundle who is keeping me awake!

I've stopped taking the fluxetine as I was feeling so unwell. I'm just so exhausted from lack of sleep right now it is just awful. I have taken the odd sleeping tablet which has helped but want to avoid it if I can.

Perhaps I should suggest mirtazapine to my GP? I'm feeling ok at the moment, I wouldn't even describe myself as depressed, just very, very, very tired.

Pinkmarshmallow Mon 11-Jan-10 14:17:25

I kept teling my GP I was EXTREMELY tired and eventually she diagnosd me with PND. I didn't feel depressed or very down at the time, but took her word for it and went on the tabs last summer. They have helped enormously with the tiredness. She explained depression affects everyone differently.... You sound just like I was ("I wouldn't even describe myself as depresed, just very, very very tired.") IIRC, fluoxetine makes you feel worse before i makes you feel better so maybe worth your while sticking with them for few weeks and see if it helps?

SilveryMoon Mon 11-Jan-10 18:10:44

Becky I'm so pleased for you (for the baby not the tiredness/depression)
I have to just echo what Pink said. I definitely think I had PND after ds1 was born but at the time just thought I was so so so so tired.
The thing I found with PND, is that I didn't fully accept I was suffering from it until I started taking the tablets, and my brain started thinking properly again, if that makes sense.
Obviously, you are the only person who really knows how you feel.
Have they done the PND test with you?
Yes it's one thing being tired, and another being depressed, but forget both those names for a second. Is there any kind of change to your personality? Things you do/did find funny? Things you do/did enjoy doing? Are there still things you are looking forward to? Is there still something you can do daily that you enjoy that's just for you? (mine's reading at least 1 page of my book vefore I go to bed).
If there is any kind of change in your actual personality, then it is pretty likely there is some kind of depression there.
I've been there. I've done a baby and PND without any help/medication and I've done a baby (plus toddler) and PND with help/medication.

Divaahh7 Fri 07-Aug-15 10:32:20

Hi Becky,

I know this post is old but did you come out of your Pnd? I have the same symptoms. Insomnia and anxiety. I have just started fluoxetine hoping it will work.

microferret Fri 07-Aug-15 13:28:37

I took fluoxetine for a few months and found it great. The main side effect was that I couldn't orgasm at all. Another was the inability to stop yawning, which never really let up and was quite annoying... I think I gained a couple of pounds too. But apart from that, it was excellent.

However I'm now on Sertraline, which I find much better (although it takes a couple of months to really kick in, unlike the 2-3 weeks of fluoxetine). I have experienced no sexual dysfunction, no yawning and no weight gain with sertraline. The only side effect I have had is night sweats when the dosage is being increased.

If one SSRI doesn't work for you, you can just try another. They will do you no damage and can vastly improve life.

Jacobsmum2016 Wed 13-Jul-16 10:42:56

Hi know this discussion was a while ago but hoping someone will reply! I have been diagnosed with and and have been put on the anti depression drug fluoxetine! Was very amprehensive about starting it but am doing so for the sake of my baby and myself! Had him 3 weeks ago and am struggling! Any advice would be appreciated! Did anyone get better on this drug and was it bad getting weaned of them when needed to?

sugababe6275 Tue 26-Jul-16 13:01:24

hiya jacobsmum2016

i haven't got any advice yet on fluoxetine but just thought i would post to let you know i have been prescribed this by my doctor today after showing the signs of PND ( sadly i had this with my first baby) and now have two week old twins.

i hope it works for you i will update on here about how i get on with it.

your not alone smile

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