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my 14yr old has left i am clinically depressed

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emzy Wed 29-Jun-05 18:12:22

hi,about 2 yrs ago we came to spain coz i lost everything in the uk,my father commited suicide,my grandparents who brought me up died,i have no other family,i had a terrible court case and i lost my home and all my money.My daughter hated spain and was not getting along with my partner,sometimes he would swear at her,i always defended her.At xmas after a holiday in uk my daughter refused to come back.She is staying with her dad who does not want her,she is dreadfully unhappy and wants me with her.I want to be with her as well as i love her more than anything,however,for 9 mths my depression has been out of control,i cant even get out of bed,wash,or look after the house.I am consumed with terror at coming back to the uk,i just dont know how id cope,i have no home, no money,no family and very little support.Im scared my depression will affect my daughter and that i wont be able to work and end up on the streets.I love my daughter so much and feel i have totally messed up ,i am consumed by guilt,i feel totally bereft without her.I have been taking ads and tranquilisers for 2 yrs but they are not helping.can anyone help

AnnaInManchester Wed 29-Jun-05 18:15:32

aww darling, i'm sorry you feel this way. What is making you depressed? I know you have had a lot happen in your life, but is there one single thing that is making you depressed right now? If it's your daughter being so far away, would you ever consider finishing your partner (if he swears at your daughter, he sounds a bit of a bully anyway) and then start afresh still in spain just the two of you?

emzy Wed 29-Jun-05 18:37:16

thanks annainmanchester,but i have suggested this to her and she refuses to come back to spain

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