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Didnt forsee having to come here for a while!

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Evesmama Mon 20-Jun-05 14:55:30

woke up this morning...loads on mind..happy about house move etc...but all ive done today on and off is shout and snap at dd
everytime the phone rings(financial adviser/cpn/ agents..) she starts moaning and crying for me..even though previously we were sat building things with her blocks..
just feel really really horrible, stressed and a terible mum and she's now just come up to me and told me she loves me..what am i even doing here..ishould be doing something with dd..but i just dont feel like it(yes i know i sound like a daft kid)

KiwiKate Tue 21-Jun-05 10:29:34

Hey! Give yourself a break!
Guilty feelings aren't going to help - try and get out - even if it is only for a short walk. Or to a park where you can sit and DD can play. If you get out DD will probably be less frustrated (and so will you).

House move can be very stressful, and it sounds like aren't sleeping too well either (woke up early?).

Any chance of getting some self time? Go get your nails or hair done or spend time reading a book or soak in a spa bath at the local pool (anything where you can pamper you). Remember, you can't take good care of DD if you don't take good care of you.

Kids always want you when you are on the phone! Putting DS in the kitchen sink and letting him turn the taps on really works for me. Creates a very wet (and cold) child, but keeps him happy and quiet (and even the cleaning up afterwards is worth it). Sometimes I put a video on for him (even though I am pretty anti-TV for kids) but this buys me a bit of time and helps keep the sanity.

Good luck
and don't worry we've all been there (and will be again at some stage, no doubt).

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