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Feeling really down today

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ManchesterMomma Mon 20-Jun-05 09:43:23

When I woke up I was really quite happy and pleasant. I went to make my breakfast but the tincan opener didn't work, so after about 20 mins of trying I went into a rage. I phoned my mum and asked her why she threw the good tin opener out yesterday and kept the bad one and she was adamant that she had kept the good tin opener. I was so frustrated and I hadn't been up an hour!

Then secondly, I was dating this guy about a year back. It only lasted about a month but he was starting a business and asked me to register as his secretary for the benefit of Companies House but I was reluctant, but he said it would be fine, there would be nothing to it, so I agreed, not really nothing about it at all and then started to panic, but later, when we split up, sending in the form that says I don't wanna be involved anymore. So I thought that was it until today, a year or so later, I receive a letter from Companies House saying that they have sent a form to the resistered address of the company and if I, the secretary didnt return it, I would be liable to a prosecution. When I got this, I just cried and cried, it has really pissed me off. So, I called Companies House to explain that I had resinged as his secretary and they said they have no recolection of this, and did I phone to make sure my cancellation had gone thru? Well, I thought they WOULD get it so I didn't phone. Now they are sending me another one to cancel it.

Thirdly, I have an interview for a sales position in computer showroom today. I am too sweaty and irritable to go now.

I just wanna curl up and die. Whats the point in living in this unhappy, cruel and forever miserable world. I get no joys from living so whats the point?

QueenFlounce Mon 20-Jun-05 09:48:45

MM - Forever miserable? I things are bad just now, but are there happy times? How many babies do you have?

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