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have got my first appointment with CPN this morning

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Titania Mon 20-Jun-05 08:08:14

and i feel really nervous, sick and debating not even answering the door.....

Jaysfirst Mon 20-Jun-05 08:12:50

Titania, sorry to be a bit dumb, whats CPN? am sure that it will all be ok. I kinda have a few of the nerves myself this morning as i have my first scan ( 12 weeks)
Please try and be positive though things never stay the same for very long!

LGJ Mon 20-Jun-05 08:21:23


Chin up

Chest out

Bum in

Now walk tall.

You will be fine.

Much love


Evesmama Mon 20-Jun-05 08:50:40

my cpn was great..none judgeemental and really helped me understand where ' i thought' i was gping wrong..good'l be fine

Evesmama Mon 20-Jun-05 08:51:06

and good luck jaysfirst

Titania Mon 20-Jun-05 09:09:50

20 minutes to go...........EEK!!

emily05 Mon 20-Jun-05 09:10:25

good luck mate

Evesmama Mon 20-Jun-05 14:57:20

how'd it go?

LGJ Mon 20-Jun-05 19:00:00


How did it go ???

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