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Help needed with clinically depressed mum - long sorry

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Pennies Sun 19-Jun-05 19:44:08

Hi there,
I was wondering if someone can advise me as to where I can start to get help for my mum who is hideously depressed. She's been depressed for years but after a brain anuerysm 4 years ago she's got much much worse. She sleeps all the time, has no motivation, her house is a mess, she looks a mess, she seems unable to glean any enjoyment out of things and has no self esteem. She's 71 and has few friends.
I've tried several approaches in the past as follows:
1) Being supportive and trying to get her help by arranging counselling which she did or a while but gave it up because the counsellor said she was cured (WTF???)
2) Being more assertive with her to try and jolt her back to reality, but the net result is lot of pain and hurt in her eyes and nothing else changes. Not an option for us.
3) Talking to her GP - who offers nothing other than more Anti D's which she's been taking for yonks now and they have hardly any effect.
My bro is doing his nut and thinks she should be admitted and possibly have ECT, but I know that she still holds the One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest image of the whole ECT treatment and for her to have to undergo that would be a hideous thing for her to have to come to terms with (I'm also uneasy with it as I couldn't put her through that stress). One a more practical level following her aneurysm I don't think her brain could physically cope with the strain of it either.
We are depserate to try and do something to improve the situation., but I have no idea where to start Our mother is a shadow of her former self, lonely, intropsective and seems to just be waiting to die.
Can anyone help please?

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