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cant stop crying :-( (long post sorry)

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fairybubbles Wed 11-Nov-09 11:08:51

I've had a terrible day, I've been crying so much I've made my eyes sore.

I am feeling so low and I think its all due to a sudden change in routine and stress.

LO began nursery a few weeks ago, he started off fine, now he cries and asks for me and has been unsetled. I am feeing so guilty about him having to go to nursery but I have no choice, I have to work. He is 2.8 yrs.

I have been back at work since he was 1 yr old but he was looked after by my mum. She suddenly took ill so everything has had to change.

Anyway after dropping him off today and breaking down in tears I drove to work only to decide that I was an absolute wreck and couldnt go in. I called and said I needed some time off today and thats fine. I have spoke to OH and he is very understanding, he sounded concerned about me.

I want to be strong but I just feel I could cry at any moment. My son is my life and I just feel unbearabe guilt for leaving him even tho I know he generally enjoys the nursery.

I just wondered if anyone else has felt like this and what you done to overcome it?

iwouldgoouttonight Wed 11-Nov-09 12:00:16

I'm not sure I have any good advice but I didn't want your post to go unanswered. My DCs (one is 3 years and one is nine months) are both in nursery as I had no choice but to go back to work. I cried so much about leaving DD when she was so young (only six months when I went back to work) but she is absolutely fine there. DS still cries when I drop him off, but the staff assure me he is fine once he gets into things and seems happy. They've taken photos to reassure me because I was so worried about him being unhappy all day.

Good that your work are being sympathetic and letting you have the day off. I've been like that when I've got into the car park and I'm in floods of tears and had to spend ages in the toilets waiting until my face stopped being all red and puffy!

Have you had feelings of being depressed before or is it just this situation. If you've had them before maybe you should speak to your doctor about it. If its just this situation the thing that helps DS get less upset when I leave him is just putting on a fake happy voice and just being really quick, not hanging around too long. If he senses that I'm not happy leaving him he picks up on it and gets upset himself. If I just try to walk in all happy and breezy and say 'ooh, look there's your friend so-and-so, what's she playing with, off you go, have lots of fun, see you later' and then walk out, he's much calmer (mostly!)

Have the nursery said he's ok most of the day?

fairybubbles Thu 12-Nov-09 11:23:02

thanks you iwouldgoouttonight for replying.

He is happy there generally but he is a very close and affectionate wee boy and I think its going to take him a while to get used to the new routine. He is happy once there, they have taken some photos and have them displayed on the walls and they said he gets on great with the other children. He just misses me and thats what gives me a lump in my throat.

I'm usually the chirpy happy one here but I think I have been so busy worrying about everyone and everything else recently that I have forgot to look after me.

I feel a lot better today, OH took DS to nursery this morning. DS got upset but the teached told OH to leave, sit and wait outside for 5 mins, which he did, and by that point he had stopped crying.

I suppose these things make you stronger as a person. xxx

I will pop back and let you know how he gets on. I hope your DC are finding it easier now, I suppose we need to remember they will all take different amounts of time to adjust to the new environment they are in.

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