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Does this sound like PND? Or something else? Or nothing at all?

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iwouldgoouttonight Wed 11-Nov-09 10:27:22

I've had bouts of depression in the past and have taken antidepressants a few years ago and then stopped because I felt ok again. I think I had PND after having DS although it was never officially diagnosed, but I did see a counsellor for a bit. I had DD 9 months ago and felt fine for quite a while after the birth (and feeling so good made me realise how bad I had felt after having DS because it was so different).

But lately I have up and down moods, I feel tired all the time (having blood tests the check iron levels and thyrois functions at the minute) and I'm anxious all the time. And I'm obsessive and controlling over some things, for example, I have to be the one to wash and sterilise DD's bottles. If anyone else does it I can't relax and have to do it again afterwards. We seem to have so much washing at the minute and I'm fed up with doing it, but if DP offers to help I can't relax while he's doing it and then I have to check it all afterwards. And when the DCs have gone to bed I have to do all the tidying up in a certain order otherwise it really stresses me out.

People have said if I'm feeling tired I should get someone to look after the DCs and have some time to myself, but I know I wouldn't enjoy it or relax because I'd be constantly worried about anything happening to them, or really silly things like someone getting DD dressed in clothes that don't match. I know how stupid that sounds, which is why I'm thinking I may have some kind of depression/anxiety/OCD thing.

What do you think? The doctor said if I wanted to take ADs she would prescribe them, but she said there aren't any counsellors available for at least three months.

flakecake Wed 11-Nov-09 14:10:45


How are you?

Your post made me smile, the bit about you worrying about a carer mismatching the childrens clothes. But I know it's not fun for you because I had something similar when my daughter was a baby.

It does sound a bit like OCD/Depression- with the moods going up and down...and never knowing how you will feel from one day to the next. Do you trust your mum? If yes (up until now), and if there is no logical rational for your fears, maybe you should try some medication? Irrational fears- not nice!

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