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Coming off Prozac? - Advice Please

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BigMomma3 Tue 10-Nov-09 23:55:15

Been on it for 10 weeks now and although they seem to have helped me think a bit more clearly and I had a few weeks of feeling calm, my anxiety is now back with a vengeance (and I know the Prozac may be responsible for this) and I want to come off them. My GP has said I should go up to 40mg (from 20) but I want to stop completely and am tempted to just stop as I have not been on them for too long. Anyone advise me on whether this would be a bad idea?

I am doing CBT (had 5 sessions now)and I have discovered a lot of things about myself and how to deal with my negative thoughts and have also been reading Claire Weekes's books which are amazing so want to deal with this without the bloody pills!!

claudialyman Wed 11-Nov-09 22:00:20

Not a good idea to just stop yourself. Better to be honest with your GP, if you don't want to go up, and explain your reasons and see what GP advises. If you still intend to stop tell him you are going to stop, and he will advice you how to reduce and then stop.

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