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urgent help needed pls

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bettywobble Fri 06-Nov-09 10:24:45

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone could help me?

Basically, I have not been "right" for a good few years now. I was a child that my parents could not wait to palm off onto my nana from the age of 3, my dad messed up my head in a big way, I had an eating disorder from the age of 16,I was raped at 22 by someone I knew,a violent drunk ex husband that I didn't find the courage to leave for 6 years... I have been to see gp's and the cbt nurse for a few years, and all I was told was that I had depression and given anti-d's. I knew I couldn't have been properly depressed as it comes and goes, so I no longer take the meds (not for a year). I have just started st john's wort. BUT lol, I think I may have ocd or at least some sort of anxiety disorder. When I was at the cbt nurse we were just at the point of making a breakthrough when he left and I haven't seen anyone since. I never really thought about ocd, but when I looked into it it all seems to make sense. I have weird things I do like check locks and plugs about a hundred times, rituals I repeat etc etc., which I can cope with as it doesn't affect my life too mcuh. But the bit I can't cope with is the irrational thoughts in my head, such as my hubby has/will cheat on me, I will cheat on him, when he tells me something I don't believe him, if I don't do something right something bad will happen...I get obsessed with what he did before I even met him. The other night I caused almost ww3 asking questions over and over about him giving a lift home to a girl one night about a year before I even knew him?!!! I just can't control the thoughts, they are driving me insane, and they are now at a stage where they are starting to make me depressed. My self esteem is at an all time low,sometimes I feel like I want to sleep and not wake up...

Anyhoooo...does anyone have any ideas for natural remedies/herbs/bach remedies/anything at all? I really am desperate now,

Thanks in advance, Debbie xxx

TheMightyToosh Fri 06-Nov-09 11:06:35

Have you tried exercise? I mean really going for it and working up a proper sweat, not just a stroll in the park?

It makes you feel really in control of your life and your body, gives you the feel good factor and a massive boost in self-confidence almost immediately.

Can you get an exercise bike or join a gym? Or if money is an issue, go running. All you need is trainers and some cheap clothes from Tesco. Start small so you're not put off by aching muscles the next day, remember to stretch afterwards, and see how good it makes you feel. Even on a rainy day, a run can empower and refresh you, calm you down and give you an endorphin rush that no anti-dep can match. It blows the cobwebs out your mind and makes you stop focussing and obsessing about the silly little things, sort of resets your mind and gives you something positive to focus on.

Later you could join a running club for women, or buy fitness magazines to inspire you to keep going. It's so much better to focus your mental and physical energy on doing something positive for yourself, and your relationship will thrive for it too.

Hope you feel better soon. smile

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