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crapping myself about switching to anafranil from cipralex - anyone else think this is a leetle bit vague from my GP please?

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notgettingmuchdone Fri 06-Nov-09 01:00:05

I've been on cipralex since June, off work sick since start of Oct and around then had some trouble with being suicidal, so on paper I guess they're not working for me, however there have been loads of distressing events making it tough for the ADs to do their thing. I'm paying privately for pyschotherapy (ironically the job that broke me pays well enough that I can do therapy...) and my therapist suggested my GP should refer me to community mental health as my risk of suicide had gone up and they know their way around the drugs better etc.

Saw my GP today, CMH don't need to see me apparently and have told him to change me to Anafranil.

My concerns:
- they haven't talked to me, how do they decide what to prescribe?
- I'm a bit, ok a lot scared of taking a tricyclic AD because of side effects
- I'm worried that I don't need these as the worsening I had before was expected by my therapist as I finally slowed down from stopping work and then had a few shocks (grandparent in hospital, kicked off part time masters I've been doing since pre-DS) and was pre-menstrual the week I was suicidal. what if i'm getting in to rougher ADs because of circumstances?
- do I have to take them or can / should I just carry on with my cipralex and therapy?
- I don't really understand the swap over - I'm supposed to take a low level of both I think for a week or two but it's not clear from the letter.

So in summary I'm not sure the person recommending this is in a position to make a judgement, my GP seems tied by the 'experts' and no-one can explain how I practically swap over from one to the other sad

Now for another thread about how my DH doesn't even seem to notice this is going on and just talks about his work.....

salt101 Fri 06-Nov-09 09:24:22

Wow, lots going on with you. Sorry you are in this situation.

Firstly, it does sound like you need some other medication if you have been on the cipralex and you are still feeling suicidal. You said you are have been through some stressful times, but that is not excuse as to why the medication isn't working. It should be helping you through a difficult time.

I think it sounds like you need some more confidence re changing medication. Is there anyway you can talk to a psych expert regarding these? I'm sure your GP is more than capable of talking you through it, but sounds like you need more input. And that is FINE. YOU are the patient, you should have the help you need. Don't be shoved to one side.

The CMH should really see you if you are still feeling suicidal. Perhaps it's worth going back to your GP for another chat. It is important you feel happy with your medication, otherwise you will constantly be unsure of it, and how are you supposed to get better in that situation?

TCA are good for depression. They know what to prescribe you as there are guidelines of what to prescribe in what circumstance. As long as they are taken correctly, you will be fine with them.

After you get through the medication swap, then worry about your DH. You can address that one when you are feeling strong enough.

Good luck


notgettingmuchdone Fri 06-Nov-09 09:41:02

thanks salt, that's such a lovely answer it has me welling up. Damn depression grin

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