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the kids are doing great and that is all that matters

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Reallytired Tue 03-Nov-09 18:42:06

I get loads of compliments on how wonderful my kids are.

They maybe doing well, but I'm not.

justgaveup Tue 03-Nov-09 19:33:05

in that case congratulate yourself on how well you've done bringing up your kids, then take a deep breath and get some help for yourself.

What's wrong?
Have you told anyone how you feel?
Can you think of anything that would make your life easier/happier?

I believe there are a lot of women out there running themselves ragged to ensure that their kids have every opportunity and happiness all at the extent of their own sanity.

Who wants to grow up and look back and say 'I had a wonderful childhood until my mum had a nervous breakdown'

Happy mum = happy kids

You deserve it to yourself and your kids to get some help.

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