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life without my anti'd's isn't much fun

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justgaveup Tue 03-Nov-09 13:11:33

I came off my anti d's after 5 years on them because I was concerned that I couldn't lose weight while on them and also knew they were deadening my emotions.

Took me 12 hard weeks to get off them and I've now been off them 2 months.

I feel emotional all the time, cry very easily, worrying, stressed, everythings a bit of an effort.

I have had a couple of horrible months (lost job, fell out with best friend, had swine flu etc etc) so probably hard to judge what's a normal reaction and what's not.

My husband (who is lovely) says that my emotional/worrying reaction is how I was before I had anti d's, even when we first met. That's just my personality and I've just forgotten how naturally emotional I am.

I'm thinking if this is the 'real' me then I preferred the me on prozac!

Is there anyone on here who has just resigned themselves to being on anti d's forever?

I don't know what to do..

madmouse Tue 03-Nov-09 17:16:54


Have very limited experience but just did not want your post unanswered. I have a close friend who has given up on getting off anti depressants. She believes her body for whatever reason doesn't make enough serotonin and she and her doctor have agreed she should stay on it. She has had lots of therapy over the years and so does not simply rely on anti-ds as a happy fix.

Losing a job is enough to cause depression let alone the other things you got on top of it so it is not strange you feel all over the place.

Have you tried counselling? Maybe it is worth you trying to explore why you feel so emotional if you feel that you shouldn't be that way.

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