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Breakdown help

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popmum Thu 16-Jun-05 12:31:30

A family friend has just had a nervous breakdown - she is on medication now and it is very early days - probably triggered by family issues and working too hard - but wondered if anyone knew of any websites where we (as family friends) could get more information about mental health and how we can best help her.
My mum is going to see her next week (we are 200 miles away) and we want to help her and to try and understand the condition. Thanks

lyra41 Thu 16-Jun-05 21:52:56

This happened to my partner a while ago. Can't suggest websites I'm afraid, but can suggest strategies to help:

Keep in touch. Although you're far away, cards and letters will help your friend to know you're thinking of her.

Offer practical help if you can, e.g. whilst your mum is there she could offer to do some practical tasks such as washing, cleaning, shopping etc.

Maybe offer financial help if this seems appropriate. Would your friend benefit from having someone to come in weekly to clean / help her with household tasks such as washing, shopping etc. in the short term? Maybe you could offer to pay for that?

Reassure your friend that she will get better. Nearly everyone does.

If you are a believer, pray for your friend.

Sax Thu 16-Jun-05 22:25:21

I think one of the most important things of all is make yourself available to your friend - ie. a contact avenue such as email, text, phone, write whatever so they don't feel desperate and alone!!!!!! If times get too much so long as they know you will be cool if they email thoughts and feelings, or could text or ring, whatever, just to help the moments which are far too hard to handle alone! Sorry I have no idea about websites.

popmum Fri 17-Jun-05 12:21:22

thanks very much - both of you.
it is hard cos she is a long way away, but my mum does keep in touch quite a lot on the phone. I looked on the mind website and there was a bit of info on that which I've sent to my mum as well
ta again

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