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Someone come hold my hand

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LittleMarshmallow Thu 29-Oct-09 14:37:42

and wave a magic wand to let me sort things.

I don't know what I am doing anymore, before I moved house I was being treated for depression / stress because of the amount of pressure I have been under with ds, xh the court case and everything else.

Then last week there was an incident at uni, which I have reported but has caused me more stress / worry etc. I did as my old gp told me to do and called him but he was off on holiday and so I got an idiot who basically told me when I asked for help that I was being unreasonable etc.

So I have finally after much begging from the health board been allocated a GP only to call them yesterday to try and get a repeat prescripton for my sons food only to be told I need to see a gp (which is fine I dont mind that) but that I cant arrange an appointment I need to start calling at 8.15am and hope I get something for that day, which I explained I cant do I work 25 miles away and I have no holidays left.

I have been left with no support or any help regarding the whole court case for ds, I was put on anti-depressents which have even if they had worked I can get anymore of without going through the hoops I mentioned above.
I am at the end, I have had about 3 hours sleep a night since last week.

My eating is horrific and was meant to be dealt with by my old gp (I have been eating less and less since July). I was meant to see him this morning but since I am too worried to show my face in that surgery again after last week.

I don't know what I want anymore, but I can't be off work, as I don't get paid for it till Jan (I am counting the days) I feel like I have failed in everything I do / touch. I have asked so many times for some help / support and no one wants to do anything.

I don't expect anyone to be able to help but I hope it might feel better once it is all out smile

MitchyInge Thu 29-Oct-09 14:56:51

sorry to hear you have so much to cope with at once - can't think of anything practical to help but hopefully someone useful will be along soon

LittleMarshmallow Thu 29-Oct-09 15:02:35

I have had more to deal with, xh has threatened me twice so far this year, has had to move house, the hospital which reviews ds's food allergies etc have decided I should be providing food for him to take with him when he goes overnight to xh (court ordered)
then my solicitor dropped a 3k bill on my doorstep as apprently legal aid didnt cover that bit.

Then my work withdrew my training course funding for uni and i am not liable for those costs too.

The health visitor at the last gp surgery decided without meeting me that I had made up ds's food allergies which obviously went to court, despite me having doctor / consultant statements to back me up.

My mum and I fell out at the weekend as she found out the uni incident has been reported and told me i should have kept my mouth shut and that no doubt i did something to lead the tutor on hmm

toosensitiveforrealname Thu 29-Oct-09 16:03:37

Oh boy what a stressful situation you are in. And if there was an obvious solution you would have found it I am sure.

If you have moved you will now have a different health visitor - try contacting her to see if she's worth her salt.

Your solicitor cannot drop a bill on you if they have not warned you about costs in advance - have you had a client care letter outlining the work they will do privately plus an estimate of costs?

LittleMarshmallow Thu 29-Oct-09 16:10:00

The solicitor told it is because legal aid took their time, so we have agreed to pay it off @150 a month.

When I called the useless new gp surgery yesterday I asked about the health visitor and was told that they would be in touch, I did tell the receptionist that I needed to talk to her about urgent / important stuff and got fobbed off again.

Everything is a mess and I just feel like I am reaching the end, there is only so much begging etc you can do and when no one helps you time and time you begin to think you must have a problem.

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