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Is it normal to think about death this much?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 24-Oct-09 21:36:05

It's on my mind all of the time, I 'daydream' about people close to me dying including (I am ashamed to say) my little 7 week old baby. There is a lovely song I had on my labour CD and just after my babe was born I listened to it with her in my arms. Yesterday I was listening to it in the car and ended up thinking about playing it at her funeral, now I can't listen to it without crying and I have lost that lovely feeling I had from that song. I imagine everything in detail and end up crying and crying. My Dad died last November and in the run up to the anniversary of his death I just can't stop fretting. He died at 59 and I am very similar to him genetically. I can't stop thinking that I could already have had over half of my life and will not live to see my girls grow up.

I was on anti-depressants throughout pregnancy for ante-natal anxiety and panic attacks. I'm now still on Sertraline and have been reducing my dose. At present I have no panicky feelings but this constant thinking about death is awful. I also keep having nightmares that my lovely Dh is having an affair or has left me sad. I wake up feeling so sad and find it hard to shake off the feeling all day.

PurpleOne Sun 25-Oct-09 03:58:23

Stay on your dose and speak to your gp.
How fast have you been reducing?

Have these feelings all the time and am still upping my dose. Keep it low and gradual...and keep talking to your doc.

flakecake Sun 25-Oct-09 08:32:52

Hello, It sounds like you shouldn't be reducing your anti-depressants yet. You need to tell your doctor what's going on for you. Doesn't sound like fun at all, I am sorry.

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