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Coming off Venlefaxine (efexor)

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sunchild77 Mon 19-Oct-09 15:25:07

Anyone got any experience of this?

I want to start ttc but Im on 150mg venlefaxine. I Would rather stop the drugs before ttc.
Ive been on it for 9 months and Im feeling pretty good at the moment
How do you come off it? And how long will it take? <impatient>

MitchyInge Mon 19-Oct-09 15:29:15

I was taken off it v abruptly, years and years ago when it was a new drug and nobody knew about the discontinuation symptoms

I was as sick as a dog for 2 weeks, it was the most grim thing ever - these days they know to taper off, possibly even prescribing another AD alongside to get you through it

have you talked it over with the doctor who prescribed it for you?

MitchyInge Mon 19-Oct-09 15:30:31

think it is easier now they have an extended release version of venlafaxine - are you on that?

sunchild77 Mon 19-Oct-09 15:38:36

Yes its the extended release, Im really worried about stopping it, Dr doesnt seem concern about withdrawl, at my last appt she said we would discuss it next time...

Im a bit scared to go and see her, coz she's gonna think Im crazy for wanting baby #3, Was a bit depressed after DS birth, so I keep putting the appt off!

Im not depressed now though

PumpkinsCantDanceTheTango Mon 19-Oct-09 15:44:40

Is it the capsules? I came down from 225 to 150 and then later 150 to 75 by doing this - open up the capsules tip a few beads out, put it back together and take it. If you feel ok more beads out the next night. And so on.

I measured it by saying ok so tonight they are leveil with the mark of the 5 or something.

It does sound lie a palava, however I know that if I am even a few hours late in taking them I feel funny - if I miss a day I feel awful. And when I tried to come off them without doing it that way it was hell.

One GP I had said it actually sounded like an interesting idea, however Iam sure most wouldnt reccomend it. For me it worked perfectly and I came down doses fine. Never come completely off them yet but I know when I do that how I will do it.

If you are on tabs I am sure there is a 35mg one so that could help.

cupcake123 Mon 19-Oct-09 16:59:07

Definitely go and talk to your doctor about the best way of doing it. Venlafaxine can be a bitch to come off, but titrating down (I'm not sure if that's the correct term but I am genuinely too lazy to open another tab to check) can make all the difference.

And don't feel awkward about telling your doctor you want another baby! People do far, faaar crazier things than decide to have another baby after PND wink

skihorse Mon 19-Oct-09 18:13:20

Have you spoken to your doctor about coming off them? Efexxor is not handed out like sweeties - as you know it's a heavy duty AD and often used as a last resort... for a doctor to have prescribed it I'd have thought your doctor felt your depression was not fleeting... I really feel you ought to talk to your pdoc. Whilst it's arguably "better" not to be on pmeds during pregnancy - your mental health must be dealt with in a responsible manner.

It has allegedly the most "evil" withdrawal of ANY of the ADs and there are many cases of people who choose to stay on it for life rather than go through withdrawals - apparently there are "brain shivers" associated with it. shock

However, I came off this from 225mg to nothing over a period of 6 weeks and it was a piece of piss - Citalpram on the other hand was the one which made me want to die.

Because I was on such a relatively high dose and I knew I wanted to come off them I made sure I had a large supply and came down 25mg at a time, breaking tablets in half and taking half the dose in the morning and half in the evening due to the way these work. I always felt in complete control of my withdrawal.

fledtoscotland Mon 19-Oct-09 22:26:57

I came off this over a period of about 8 weeks iirc (was 7yrs ago). the med was changed to the modified release version first of all so i was only taking one a day. then i was slowly weaned off them taking one week at a time (150mg one day, 75mgs next, 150mg then 75mg, until i was able to take 75mg daily. then down to 37.5mg and eventually nothing).

i dont remember any particular side effect of the withdrawal and have managed (sometimes by the skin of my teeth) to stay off medication since.

good luck

hairyclaireyfairy Mon 19-Oct-09 22:48:57

I have also sucessfully weaned myself off venlafaxine 225mg, took about 4 weeks gradually reducing the dose daily and at the moment feel brilliant.Long may it continue !

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