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Paranoia and lack of confidence

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Dubbs Mon 19-Oct-09 11:23:32

Is it usual to feel complete paranoia and lack of confidence? I'm not sure if it's related to post natal depression or not (although I thnk not).

I'm on mat leave, havea 2 year old and six month old baby. I have two job interviews coming up (at my currant company) and really wondering whether I should bother. My thoughts are that I'm no good and what I do at work, it's surprising how I was ever promoted etc. No one has been in touch since I went on mat leave, and therefore everyone probably really doesn't like me etc etc.

Really I'd rather go back to bed, and hide from the world sometimes. A good cry would be nice but I can't, and when I think about the interviews my stomache is lurching, I know when I'm in there I'll be shaking with nerves and make a laughing stock of myself.

Is this normal? I'm ususally a very confident person and love my job.

stressedbutluvem Mon 19-Oct-09 13:32:25

Hi Dubbs

Hold in there, sounds rather like depression to me and not at all uncommon especialy with 2 very small children. The feelings of worthlesness and the wanting to hide under the duvet are very very familiar. Do do do speak with yor GP and health visitor, you may find they have a post natal counselling team who can help and they tend to come to you in my experience.Medication for a while may also help. Im sure you'll be better than you think in the interviews and especially if they know you a certain amount will go on what they already know about you. Just one question though, do you need to do these interviews now? us mums are terrible for putting oursleves under extra pressure as if we dont have enough. take care

Dubbs Mon 19-Oct-09 14:25:40

Many thanks, I did mention it to my health visitor a few weeks ago (I'd forgotten) and she said to go back if it didn't get any better, so I will do that!

I do need to go for the interviews unfortunately, but at least once it's done I can forget about it for a while hopefully!

thanks again

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