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I think my friend is heading towards a breakdown. what should i do?

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spectacle Thu 08-Oct-09 20:43:35

My friend has had a difficult couple of years. The main thing is her dh left. They haven't sorted anything out wrt money or access for the dcs etc. I get the feeling that her dh is in control and she can't discuss what she wants without there being a fight.

She has lost weight and had several illnesses which may or may not be stress related (vomiting etc.)

She is getting very, very paranoid. She thinks that her friends are excluding her from things. If you don't respond to a text within about 15 mins then she goes in a huff because you are 'ignoring' her. She is upset out of all proportion if she finds that people she knows are seeing each other without her, even if there is a good reason (ie the 2 people are siblings, people meet by chance, people arrange to do something with their prescholers on a day she is at work {her dcs are all school age}) If something is arranged last minute she thinks that it was planned and she was invited last minute so she wouldn't go.

I am out of my depth.

I think she may need professional help but I don't know what to do about it.

orangehaze Thu 08-Oct-09 22:37:21

well, I hope this will help.
From what you've said (and I am no Dr, just have had PND myself), I would wait until she says something to you along the lines of how hard she's finding it, or she always feels ill, then just suggest she shes her Dr. I reckon she's got to get to the point of admitting to herself she's not feeling "right" at the moment, then she can get help. How old are her kids? Can you have a couple of drinks and get her to open up?

Hope this helps

parker1313 Fri 09-Oct-09 12:01:10

I wouldnt of thought this is a breakdown.She sounds like she's low and feeling very insecure and I bet she's worrying about the fact that she is not happy.
I get paranoid and think people dont want to spend time with me because I have nothing of late to talk about.Iv had a few things going on which have really taken over and I find myself having those things on my mind all the time but dont want to go on about them.
Does she ever talk about how she's feeling?
How close are you?
Could you say to her what you have said on here?
May be lay it on the line??

spectacle Fri 09-Oct-09 22:59:06

Thanks for replying. I think it has gone beyond ordinary insercurity now. Its hard to explain because it all sounds so petty.
She has been to the Dr a couple of times about her physical symptoms but even though he has said it may be stress related afaik he hasn't suggested any way to deal with it.
I think I have to lay it on the line even if it means damaging our friendship. I am really worried about her.

silentcatastrophe Fri 09-Oct-09 23:11:19

Get her off to the doctor. Go with her. There's no joy in having mad friends. One day she may thank you.

I've done it.

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