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stressedbutluvem Wed 07-Oct-09 23:38:45

I read lots of posts which talk about having therapies/treatments which have helped "manage" mental health issue, I dont seem to read ones which say "it" worked Im properly over it.
I really want some hope that my phobia is "curable" becuse after 5 years Im really hacked off with it so I wondered if people who have experienced being "cured" could put posts on to give us hope (or do people who are cured not need to come on anymore and thats why we never hear the good news)Thanks

YommyMommy Thu 08-Oct-09 09:22:38


Check out this website! Can;t say I have tried it, but am seriously thinking about it as have heard one person on this site say it cured their anxiety and it got very good reviews from one other MNter!

Hope it helps!

x x x

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