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ad's, sleepiness, urine

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fernzmal Thu 09-Jun-05 05:08:12

have been feeling extremely sleepy lately particularly during the day since i upped my lexapro from 5 mg to 10 mg. also my urine is bright yellow! it's scary..
(I normally take it at night just before going to bed)
apart from that i havent really seen any change since i upped the dosage.
i mean, when i first started taking lexapro at 5mg, i immediately saw a difference in that i didnt feel unhappy anymore, and i felt i could cope and that the pain and sadness had dulled in a way. i wasn't happy but i was more numb than sad.
and i still kind of feel that way now...anyway, anyone else want to share their experiences?

singsong Thu 09-Jun-05 07:23:18

To be honest I know nothing about lexpro. Where about in the world are you? I haven't heard of this drug in the UK before. Your urine being bright yellow doesn't sound good though and I think you should see the doctor who prescribed this for you and report that you are having such effects.

sunchowder Thu 09-Jun-05 18:16:03

Are you taking any vitamin supplements? Sometimes they can make your urine bright yellow also. You should be drinking more water I am sure. I would call your GP and let him know what you are experiencing. I take Celexa and was tired initially, but never really felt numb to my feelings. Kind of like spagetti in the top of my head (but not numb!). Lexapro is supposed to be excellent and much newer than Celexa.

fernzmal Fri 10-Jun-05 02:15:51

yeah, am taking vit b complex and ACE anti-oxidants. i guess i should also drink more water..havent been drinking much since dd time what with running around after her!

lol at spaghetti! what do you mean exactly?

but i must say lexapro exceeded my expectations. after reading a lot of the threads and stuff on the internet..i expected my depression to improve after several months...but it immediately lifted overnight!! i took my first pill at night and woke up with a head clearer than crystal! well, i'm exaggerating but you know what i mean! and no headaches either..previously i'd been suffering from headaches all day for the past 3 weeks or so..
so yes, i'm a satisfied customer in a way... apart from the bright yellow urine!

sunchowder Fri 10-Jun-05 02:17:32

The bright urine is from the B Complex. Stop taking it for a few days and see if I am right.

sunchowder Fri 10-Jun-05 02:19:50

The spagetti thing--just a lovely feeling in the top of my head--relaxed and a bit mushy feeling. It lasted a few days in the beginning and then it went away. I love my Celexa, but I have not tried the Lexipro either--to be honest I am afraid to change a thing. I tried Paxil first and it was a horrible experience. Anyway, I am shutting down for tonight. Speak with you later then.

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