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Not sure my doctor will take me seriously

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GodzillasBumcheek Sun 04-Oct-09 10:52:32

I think i have Social Anxiety (not totally afraid of all situations so it doesn't always show), i have panic attacks, i get stress headaches/migraines triggered by stress, and i have dermatillomania (i only just found out this is linked to anxiety and thought i was the only one blush).

I have only ever been to my GP with the migraines, and am on Propranolol which reduces the frequency and duration of attacks. I have arranged an appointment with an nhs organisation in our area which can provide therapies such as CBT and stess control classes, but i haven't been officially diagnosed with any of the mental health problems.

Does anyone here think i need to? Should i get myself down to my GP (he seems to diagnose everything by reseraching it on the net first though, so if he doesn't know about these things maybe he will just tell me to go away?)?
Or am i just procrastinating?

sugardumpling Sun 04-Oct-09 11:06:43

Hi, I suffer with this too, as well as depression, they seem to go hand in hand for me. Like you its only in certain situations,and I get the stress migraines too. CBT and stress control classes will be a good idea,I'm looking into CBT too.
Personally I've found since i've been on citalopram it's helped my social anxiety a great deal, but they don't work for everyone and can actually make anxiety worse for some people.
I think you should go back to your Doc and explain how you feel, he may understand more than you think. Good luck .

GodzillasBumcheek Sun 04-Oct-09 11:25:59

thanks smile

I think i need lots of prodding to go to the doc's. I find it easy to go about the kids, but not myself. I even anticipate rejection from my GP, lol!

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