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Anxiety back again...

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mumof2000 Fri 02-Oct-09 08:33:24

feeling anxious and low again anx being the worst at moment ...anyone els

mumof2000 Fri 02-Oct-09 09:10:52


YommyMommy Fri 02-Oct-09 09:28:31

Morning Mumof2000,

I also suffer from anxiety - but not totally related to health!

Here if you want to chat! Sorry you are feeling low, but it can really get us down! I go through stages of dealing very well and other days I just want to curl up n give up! But I know I can;t do that as i have two wonderful, beautiful little boys and they need their mummy so I struggle on mainly for them and all the other GOOD things I have in my life! I try to be a positive person, but its not always easy!

x x x x

P.S. Excuse my thinkness, but what does BUMP mean?? lol x x x

mumof2000 Fri 02-Oct-09 09:51:31

thanks yommy , this has been a bad week for me ,having trouble keeping it together ... cried as soon as dropped kids off at school ... calmed down a bit now , i hate feeling like this ... my period is also due so this doesnt help as i think some of it is PMT ,
Doc has given me low AD to try but am unsure weather to take them ...heard many stories some good some bad ..

how do you handle your anx ?

thaks for hug to x

YommyMommy Fri 02-Oct-09 10:11:22

Hey Mumof2000,

I always feel that my anxiety gets worse just before I am due my period too!

You are not alone in hating feeling like this! I also speak with girls on the anxiety thread and we all feel the same!!!! You should come and join us, I feel chating with them really helps! When I was at my worst with anxiety I could barly leave the house without having a panic! It was in a pretty bad place - used to cry all the time, felt like I was a terrible mum, felt like my whole world was crashing down around me! Most of all I felt angry and frustrated as I just wanted my old life back!!! My anxiety started when my DS2 was about 8 months, he is going to be 4 in Feb shock. I am not sure if it will ever completely go, but I am hopefull as I would def say I have come along way over the past few years! I still have days where I have to force myself to go places, but once I am there I am usually fine unless I am having a particularly bad day! Although I still have issues with avoidance and constant living in anticipation of panic attacks, until I get round this I guess I won;t every fully recovery blush

Sorry, feel like I am going on and on!

I like you avoided taking meds due to stories, etc! But I sometimes feel like I might need meds in the final step to my recovery! To give my head some breathing space - if that makes sence hmm! Although my DH is very opposed to them! What meds do you have??? Have you spoken to a councellor??? I also tried Hypnotherapy, which I found helped a lot too!

Hope all this helps x x x

mumof2000 Fri 02-Oct-09 15:15:05

Thanks yommy , all that you are saying makes total sense to me ,nice to know im not going mad and there is someone els who gets this at times i feel so alone , and your not going on at all.... i know exactly what you mean about wanting to be how i used to be, before i was like this i didnt worry about much , mine started when i had bad tummy bug that went on and on , turns out i was making it worse ,and was /is IBS went through various tests to find this out blush

that was 3 years ago and since then its just been one thing after another ....

i need to go to the doc all th time for total reasurance and then at times i still go back again to see another one ..

iv tried hypnosis , a little CBT and counceling .
i have gone to a few yoga classes which do help , i have heard of a CBT course you can do on line which i may look into .
I think it could be good if i tried it for longer , as re-train negative thinking ...

i guess its just one day at a time ..

thank you for listening to me go on xxxx

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