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ABitWrong is in trouble again

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ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:00:01

Getting worse and worse. This morning it felt like I had things crawling up me but there was nothing there.
I have chest pains left over from panic attacks.
Also been having hot flushes and now my kidneys are aching. Is this all just stress?

FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:00:42

sad Here with you ABW.

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:02:21


FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:03:09

Who's with you?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:05:53

Kids about

FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:06:38

What are they up to? No adults?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:07:36

Occupying them selves mostly.
Their dad isasleep upstairsd.

FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:09:11

Apart from MNing, what are you up to yourself right now?

Do you want handholding, or distracting?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:16:25

I don't know. I just want to feel better sad

FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:17:11

Can you visualise your pain as something separate from yourself? Watch it move away from you?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:17:43

I am in the kitchen ignoring everything that needsdoing because I can't face it.

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:18:28

mental or physical?

JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:19:00

Can you wak DH up to deal with kids?
Sorry I don't know your history but I am here too.

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:20:28

no I can't, he will shout


JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:22:11

Which would help more? mental or physical?

JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:23:11

Can the kids get themselves to bed? What actually needs doing?

Stress can manifest in physical symptoms so in answer to OP question it is possible.

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:23:43

I don't know, I hate this mental stuff, but it won't go till things are better and things won't get better tillI feel better and can change things and I can't do it and now I'm getting dizzy

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:25:04

all the kitchen stuff, they want more foodand I'm not doing it
and so so much wsshing up

FlamingoDuBeke Thu 24-Sep-09 19:25:54

how old are they? Can't they make it themselves?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:29:19

dunno, just sorted one, others arequiet

I am all hot and cold I don't know what is the matter with me

JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:34:09

Have they had tea? Then they dont need anything.

Try not to think about ther bigger picture right now, just concentrate on what you need to do right now. If nothing needs doing then stay here.
Washing up/tidying can wait.

Are they old enough to be left alone for a few minutes? Maybe a walk round the block deep breathing or on the garden just to calm youself might help?

(sorry, laptop battery died)

JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:40:02

ABW? How are you doing?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:42:41

they always need something, they are always hungry
i just keep eating, i can't stop, i hate it

JackBauer Thu 24-Sep-09 19:45:50

I'm not very good at this, sorry.
How long have you been bad today?

If you could get the kids to bed then that might help clear your head a bit. Can you sling them some milk or something and send them up?

ABitWrong Thu 24-Sep-09 19:50:56

if they go up their dad will come down and its too early, he will shout

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