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XP just diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

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curiositykilled Thu 24-Sep-09 17:11:42

I'm feeling a bit funny about it. I am married, the children are settled, I am expecting twins with DH. I knew something was going on with XP because he didn't see the children all holidays and had strange status updates on facebook.

I think I am glad to know, I think it makes a lot of sense as a diagnosis but everything had just settled down. I am worried it is all going to change again. XP had decided he didn't want to be a dad, the children are comfortable with the new arrangement. What if XP has treatment and changes his mind?

mathanxiety Thu 24-Sep-09 19:28:11

BPD is extremely hard to treat. You are so lucky, presumably you know this, that he is out of your lives, because they are bad news foe everyone around them. There's no way to predict what the future may hold even in the best of circumstances, but if he got diagnosed, I'm assuming he's getting appropriate therapy and will have someone to bounce ideas off (like getting back in his children's lives), and you always have the courts and barring orders if he has been violent in the past or if you can get a school or psych report that contact would damage the children. The down side of diagnosis for him is that he would probably have a harder time proving he was fit to be a more active parent.

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