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prozac any good for possible pnd?

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jadey24 Wed 23-Sep-09 22:48:26

Ive just been given prozac today and im relying on it so much right nw altho i know i have to wait 4 weeks foe possible effects grr

Anyway i ent a clue what is wrong with me.havent actually been named yet altho im 90% certain its pnd esp after reading stories of other women with condition and feeling like im reading a story about myself.

dd is 14 mts nw. Started feeling not right when she was 3 months. Before that 80% great altho became disconnected frm dh that morning she was born & ever since quite badly enough now to just wanna leave & be on ly own tbh nothing against him he ent actually done a thing wrong just cant explain why i wanna be on my own just do but yh other then then i was fine and happy and had tons of enegry even after gettin up in the night but then she slept through frm 8 weeks so been lucky & adpated to motherhood and rountines etc with great ease & still is.

But yh i noticed things really goin wrong when she turned 3 months with anger issues...just started flying of handle at most things mainly dh and household objects that havent actually done anything wrong aprt frm work either at all or normally quick enough as i have now become very very impateint and usually results in something being chucked across room or the odd dent in the wall. So this carries on..thankfully anger not aimed at dd for some reason have tons of patience with her depsite her not being the easiest child in terms of constant whining and temper tantrums herself since she was 6 mts old and nw 14 months old she is an expert in tempers better then me infact.
But the anger was a worry and would upset me a lot with feelings of being out of control and guilt for exposing dd to that which it turn makes me feel like a terrible mother and she is better of without me as i came from that kinda background lots of screaming/shouting etc and feel it turned me into a nervous wreck as a child & mostly since altho i got cured for the few years before dd was born. dd finds it quite amusing when i get angry tho for some reason maybe she use to it nw.

poor dh takes the brunt of it tho yet is sso plaicd and patient deals with and says he is never leaving altho i wish he would & have already tried to make plans on how to get him to leave me rather then other way round as im a total coward but dont ask me why i wanna leave him coz i cant actually give a good reason as he is tbh a great hubby & dad well ok he has his faults and cant pay a bill without cocking up and gettin us in more debt with late payment charges grrr thats a common occrunce so he wants me to deal with the bills as he feels it will take the stress of me yet hmm i feel it would make me stress either way so no trying to lose pressure not add to it.
I yell at dh all the time several times a day..neigbours do hear as well and at time couldnt care less but feel great shame after & try to avoid them as they must think im a nut job with the yelling and fing and blinding that i do 70% of the day at pointless things really blush
he just has to say the slightest thing or do the slightest thing wrong and thats it red mist, no control and im off.
I hardly go out no more cant be asred to socolise and have ocd about cleaning the house..crumbs on side in kitchen sets me of on one..rage tbh really beleive a dirt fairy follows me around after i wipe side even after a good 10 mins wipe crumbs magically apear even tho its just me in house and im looking at side at eye level veiw and nothing there then is once my back is turned.
dd is great love her lots make sure i spend quality time with her etc give her lots of reasureence after i have a rage attack.
Anxiety also lie awake worrying and when i use to go out had panic attacks but not so much nw i stay in more..went to docs a while back was put in begins with c, a anti d, was on them for 8 months didnt work whent back said this they didnt take me serious even when i said my married on the line said therapy for me yep fine 5 months later STILL WAITING, Pills ran out so didnt go back for more coz again not working no point still lashing out just the same etc so now went back and being put on prozac, still feel like not been taking seriously enough said its mor just anxiety with me..dont agree...said she is re affering me for URGENT therapy lol prob a wise idea esp after i told her what my anger made me do to a peice of furniture which i wont go into as its shameful.

So is prozac good? did it work for u? What are the pros?

sorry fro long post blush

NKffc5856X123e8e68a71 Wed 23-Sep-09 23:12:06

Dear Jadey 24,

I just read your post and that prompted me to join Mumsnet!
I'm so sorry to hear of all you are going through I went through the same with my first child and it really is hell.
Have you ever heard of orthomolecular psychiatry?
It's over 50 years old and basically some doctors discovered that chemical imbalances in the brain can be righted with large amounts of good quality vitamins and minerals. Stress depletes B6 especially. There are some good products on the market and they will work faster than the Prozac!


I hope this helps.

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