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just lost

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marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 18:54:15

i have just lost my mum and carnt cope with this as she was not only my mum but my best friend any body been in the same situation who can help very

Dior Mon 06-Jun-05 18:54:49

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 06-Jun-05 18:55:01

I can't help as me and my mum aren't close but I just want to say sorry and I'm thinking of you xxxxx

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 18:56:00

thanks just dont seem to beable to get my head around it as she was always so fit and well

sammac Mon 06-Jun-05 18:56:19

So sad to hear this marmar, you know we're here to help and listen.

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 18:57:22

glad to hear that as my dh as had to go away to work and i have no one to talk to and the kids are doing my head in

spacecadet Mon 06-Jun-05 18:58:27

oh marmar, im so sorry, was she ill, or was it sudden??

gaelsgirl Mon 06-Jun-05 18:59:06

me marmar, lost my mum/bestfriend 6 years ago

i can understand how you feel , i really can

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 19:00:00

not ill at all just happend in her sleep thay said it was just a sudden and unexspected death and we know have to have a inqest

Thomcat Mon 06-Jun-05 19:00:02

So sorry marmar, can't begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. Thinking of you.

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 19:01:52

thankyou all for your wounderful support it realy means a lot to me being able to talk to some one

Donbean Mon 06-Jun-05 19:02:51

Yes, my beloved nana died in 2000.
Thought that my heart would never mend.
She was my mum from a very young age and even now i miss her terribly, more than i could ever tell any one.
I cant go to the area near her house, havent been able to drive past it since. Cant go to the cemetary because its cold and she hated bieng cold.
I dont think that i will ever get over the great void that she has left, ever.
I can get through the day now without thinking about her all the time, i can smile about things that we used to laugh at.
I can go into shops, see things that i know she would like and not want to run out of the shop in tears.
Things have got better, much better and im more at peace with her loss, with her not bieng here, not seeing her every day.
She is still watching me, happy for me and proud of me......i know that.

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 19:03:05


I lost my mum in August last year 2 weeks after my first baby was born. I know how you are feeling and I am here if you want to talk. Please feel free to email me on anytime if you need to talk to someone, please please please dont bottle your feelings up, i did this and its a big mistake. I am here for you.

All my love Lindsay.

Sax Mon 06-Jun-05 19:03:28

Thats so devastating for you, you must be going through hell! i'm so sorry to hear your news.... you must be very numb!

Pinotmum Mon 06-Jun-05 19:04:02

Marmar, so sorry for your loss.

noddyholder Mon 06-Jun-05 19:04:31

do you have brothers and sisters?

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 19:04:54

i hope i can say the same i just want to get the funeral out of the way then maybe things will sink in

marmar Mon 06-Jun-05 19:05:55

yes im one of 10 but thay are hurting as much as me and im the oldest so have to try and be strong for them

Aero Mon 06-Jun-05 19:06:41

I'm so very sorry to hear this marmar. Thinking of you.

sunchowder Mon 06-Jun-05 19:30:57

Marmar sorry for your loss. I lost my Mum in 1991 myself and I feel your pain. Nothing and no one can ever replace her. You must have faith that time will heal you enough so that you will function again. Give yourself time, it is like such a bad dream and the minute you wake it all comes back again that she is not in this world with you, that you can never speak with her again. I suffered for many years and eventually went into therapy to deal with my huge loss and anger over her death. Lean on the others around you and take care of yourself the way that you know that she would have wanted you to do. Have courage for her and try so hard to move forward and allow yourself to grieve if you can. All my sympathy to you at this time Marmar.

charliecat Mon 06-Jun-05 19:47:33

So sorry for your loss marmar x

Tortington Mon 06-Jun-05 20:33:51

oh marmar, i am so terribly sorry for you, am sure you have some wonderful memories to think back on. that in itself makes you one pretty lucky lady. my thoughts are with you xxxx

Tortington Thu 09-Jun-05 19:53:56

how are you marmar?

hunkermunker Thu 09-Jun-05 19:56:44

Marmar, I'm so sorry I can't begin to imagine what you're feeling at the moment - many hugs, sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hausfrau Thu 09-Jun-05 19:57:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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