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PND sneaking back, ripped off buying pushchair and business on a knife's all a bit shit just now.

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Confuzzeled Tue 22-Sep-09 12:08:42

So ds is 4 weeks old and I can feel the anger and anxiety sneaking back in. I feel like I can't talk to dh about it because he's so stressed with our business. It's been suffering for a while but now we are considering either trying to shut it ourselves or call in liquidators. Either way I think we'll loose our house and have to declare ourselves bankrupt.

I've been saving up for ages to get myself a new buggy and buggy board. Yesterday I bought a Bugaboo Frog but when I got home I found both the front wheels are broken. I've contacted the woman I bought it from and she said it was fine and worked for her which is lies because she has a Bugaboo Cameleon which has the same wheels. I asked to take it back and get my money back but she's ignoring me. I then found out how much wheels cost and even the raincover is expensive. I can't sell the thing on with broken wheels so I guess I'm stuck. The really stupid thing I did was sell my quinny yesterday before I even tried out the Frog. So now I don't even have a usable buggy for ds. I have a beaten up old maclaren which is for 3 months and older.

I feel so shit, I'm tired, I'm having trouble breathing and I feel like I could explode at my dd at any moment. I have to go into the bathroom and twist towels to calm down.

I feel like going round this womans house slashing the wheels on her big Audi.

Just needed to vent.

ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 22-Sep-09 12:14:29

Sorry about the business, but am wondering whether you have the wheels locked on the Frog? Reason is that I did the same thing with my Cameleon and it was wasn't broken.

Could you ask the woman you bought if from to show you how it works and then she can see the wheels are broken or not?

Confuzzeled Tue 22-Sep-09 12:22:48

She's ignoring me, not answering my emails or answering phone.

I think the suspension on the wheels is broken and one wheels is at an angle and rattles when you push it.

I've looked at the instructions and I don't think they're locked. You can see the position on the wheel in the pictures Does it look right to you?

Thanks for the advice smile

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