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Having a anxious/agitated day - could this be related to things that happened yesterday?

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MrsFawlty Sun 20-Sep-09 11:21:48

Have had a rubbish night's sleep and am feeling really edgy and crap. Have been on ADs for about 3 months now for PND and thought I was nearly alright again, so am a bit shocked that I feel this crap and have actually taken some valium to try to take the edge off. I've tried meditating and relaxing but it's just too hard, it's almost exacerbating the problem.

I'm just wondering as I read that if you have a bad day it can be related to what you did yesterday. So am wondering if these things:

* going to socialise with 20 people I don't really know for a couple of hours (which I find emotionally hard work at the best of times)

* going from about 9am - 5.30pm without eating or really drinking anything

could have brought this about?

Am just looking for a reason for this so that I can pin it down and hope that it will dissipate later, and so I know not to do it again.

Any thoughts? Would these things cause a dodgy day?

Besom Sun 20-Sep-09 11:28:50

Eating regularly is very important to me and I have mood swings if I don't eat. DH will sometimes say to me 'you haven't eaten have you?' when he recognises the signs.

So, yes, I would say not eating or drinking all day could have caused this. It certainly could have if it was me.

If it carries on though I would just go back to docs and get your meds reviewed.

MrsFawlty Sun 20-Sep-09 11:32:37

Thanks Besom. I might also be a bit hormonally messed up as I've jsut got my second period in nearly two years as well.

I'm only on 10mgs of Citalopram and I've sometimes wondered if it's not quite enough. I've been feeling really good up until recently but I've noticed I've had a few down days and I'm concerned. Granted, we are under a fair bit of stress at the moment and I dont' suppose ADs make you entirely immune from that, but still. I'm not enjoying today. sad

Thanks for replying. smile

Besom Mon 21-Sep-09 06:57:24

You forget how crap periods can make you feel when you haven't had one for a while.

Hope today is better.

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