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Opinions please, is this the start of being depressed again or just a blip?

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lilacclaire Mon 14-Sep-09 14:01:23

Been feeling a bit low lately, feel as if can't get anything done, loss of sex drive, phone rang this morning when I was in the shower, I immediately thought it was ds's school and he must have had an accident, daft things like this.

Im doing all the right things, gym everyday, not drinking, eating well etc.

I don't know if im on the slippery slope once again or whether it will pass.

Ds has just started school (he's only 4) and I wonder if this is contributing to it and just to give myself another couple of weeks before skipping down to the docs for some AD's.

Feel unable to make my own decision so thought I would seek opinions of other wise mumsnetters.

ErikaMaye Tue 15-Sep-09 23:50:51

Hiya, sorry to hear you're feeling like this As unable as you may feel right now, you're the best person to judge how you are. Do you feel you're starting to slip again? If I were you, I'd go to the GP. But if you do decide to wait, do not leave it weeks, as by that stage you will lack the motivation entirely. Have you tried keeping a mood diary? It might help you notice if there are patterns in your moods, and how bad / how often you are feeling like that.

Big hugs. x

lilacclaire Wed 16-Sep-09 23:42:25

Thanks EM.
I feel a bit better today, so will wait for the moment.
I don't know if it is linked to anxiety about ds starting school and me having a new routine.
I wont leave it weeks, I remember the hell of depression only too well to leave it that long.
I think a mood diary would be a good idea thanks for that.

ErikaMaye Thu 17-Sep-09 00:40:56

Glad today has been a bit better for you, one step at a time. Anything new happening, if you're already a bit shaken, can make it all seem so much worse - each week that ticks by taking me closer to my due date is a freak out in this house!!

If you do decide to keep a mood diary, try making a note on each day of something positive that has happened / that you've done, too, so that you can flick through it when you're feeling crappy. I just got mine out, and some things are as simple as "Beautiful sunset" or "Cuddled my hamster". Just tiny things that help you feel good.

Remember that there are loads of us here, and that all you have to do is yell. If you ever need to vent, I tend to be on _Chat a lot, so feel free to put a call out for me!!

Keep fightig. x

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