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had PNdepression first time round-now due in 4 weeks should i begin AD straight after

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enimod Mon 14-Sep-09 07:08:16

Hi i have had depression thoughtout my adult life- been hospitalised and been on lithium- but am not bipolar.
i had my first child 3 years ago and had post natal depression but didnt start treatment until he was over 1- i felt much better nearly straight away.
anyway- id like to speak to someone else who has had PND and then had another child. the doctors ideally think i should start 20mg prozac straight after birth- i will be breastfeeding. i arent sure what to do? any advise??

lu81 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:30:09

Hi not sure if i can help. But like you had depression most of my life had nervous breakdown at 10 etc, just starting to get over pnd. I know I've been told if you have a history of depression you can be prone to pnd but it might not happen again after second child. But im sure as you have had it before you know what signs to look for, (well thats what i think anyway) hope it helps a little for you?

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