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Strategies for coping

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LittleMarshmallow Fri 11-Sep-09 09:12:31

I have to go back to court on Monday to face xh about DS. I am dreading it have been all week. The thought of having to go there is making me feel sick.

The last time I was there I was nearly sick and started having I think a panic attack.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to cope with this?

I am going in early to meet my solicitor but I still need to be in the waiting area with xh and his entire extended family. I will be on my own this time as I have to go to uni afterwards and my mum is working.

LittleMarshmallow Fri 11-Sep-09 17:10:54


adelicatequestion Sat 12-Sep-09 09:31:50


I can imagine that must be an awful situation to face.

I was given some advice for calming doen one which is based on the deep breaths but breather out for a slightly longer count than you breathe in.

It works for me every time when I feel a panic attack coming on.

Hope it helps.

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