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struggling a bit today. sorry

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Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 08:22:31

says it all really. having a bad day. dd was ill yesterday with a temperature, not eating or drinking and really tired. she seems fine this morning so must have just been a 24 hour thing. DH has agreed to go to counselling in the hope that things MIGHT work out between us. I told him that there is no guaruntee though. He said that if he is going to lose me, he wants to know that at least we tried first.

I have to go out to get some milk in a bit. Not looking forward to doing that. DS1 is being a nightmare over half term. I know he is probably bored.

To top it all off....

found out on wednesday that I am pregnant again.... I am so tired....

Sorry to rant. AGAIN....

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 08:27:42


Not in the best frame of mind to help you today(something trivial, but important to me IYKWIM).

I have been thinking of you lately and I am glad to see you have regained some control in your relationship.

Try and break it all down into bite size pieces.

I hope someone else comes along soon.

Lots of love


fairydust Fri 03-Jun-05 08:28:31

sorry to hear your feeling down - the hormones from the pregnacey could be making you more tired than normal.

When are you "do"???? Is this good or bad news?

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 08:34:06

Are you eating properly ???

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 08:37:25

no idea when im due. its still sinking in at the moment. LGJ whats up hun? you can CAT me if you want? I am trying to eat but its hard.

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 08:53:03


Totally trivial, DH remembered my birthday......only problem is it is today and not tomorrow, so I have lots of cards from my family and friends and none from my H and my DS who is only 4 and obviously relies on H to get him a card.

Cut and paste from last nights moan on here below.

DH and I used to have money to waste, not burn,
but waste IYKWIM.

Then we moved North/South and the mortgage has taken every penny for the last 5 years.

I was 40 last year and I refused to nominate a pressie, as we had no money, instead I ring fenced a decent sum of money for a dinner for four of us and to eat in that is what we did.

Bearing in mind I love my B/Day, I thought my, lets not worry about it attitude was quite grown up.(For me)

This year he started asking what I wanted for my answer being....we still can't afford to deliver on last year.............but diamonds are looking good, all in jest as it will be next year before we can spend anything over a few hundred quid.

Tonight I announced that X and Y and Zssss had confirmed the Sunday lunch invitation and should I visit Xxxxxxxxxxxx fish site for a starter ??

His face fell, genuinely fell. He had forgotten my birthday as in tomorrow, but had it in his mind that it was Saturday.

I am, as pissed off as I am, as I refused a big deal last year.

Am I being unreasonable ?? Yes is probably the answer, but boy is he squirming this morning.

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 08:59:34

If food is a problem, make sure you are taking your folic acid and multi-vitamins.

Sorry about the rant, I know it is totally trivial in the scheme of things.

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 09:03:11

hun its not trivial at all!! I would be gutted!! Happy birthday from me anyway x x x

eek course....folic acid...better get some. I had forgotten all about that.

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 09:04:40

Thanks Hun

Right off to the gym, will catch you later.#

Stay strong.

Toothache Fri 03-Jun-05 09:20:12

Titania - Just creeping in here to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Look after yourself eh?

nutcracker Fri 03-Jun-05 09:31:20

Morning T, hows the ms today ???

Have you been the docs yet ???

compo Fri 03-Jun-05 09:34:08

Hi Titania. Just wanted to say congratulations (if that is appropriate!). How many and how old are your children?

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 09:40:21

i have got 3 already....ds1 age 5, dd age 3 and ds2 age 15 months.

hi nutty. not too bad thanks. feel very tired though. lol

was going to go out now but its raining. sigh.

compo Fri 03-Jun-05 11:53:55

what does your dh say?

fastasleep Fri 03-Jun-05 12:14:30

Congrats Titania!! I hope you manage to get some food in you xx

assumedname Fri 03-Jun-05 12:22:23

If you don't fancy eating, what about some pure orange juice to help keep your blood sugar levels up?

If you go out in the rain, your ds can stamp in the puddles! My kids like any activity when they're bored.

assumedname Fri 03-Jun-05 12:23:11

I forgot. Congratulations!

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 12:51:38

DH is over the moon. Im still in shock really.

Me and the kids have just spent the past 3 hours watching the lion, the with and the warbrobe! lol. Got it cheap on DVD to watch as one of my happier childhood memories. I didnt think they would watch it but they were glued to it!!! (bad mummy arent i!!?!)

Have eaten some toast and had some pure orange juice.

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 12:52:35

not that it makes any difference to how things are between us. its going to take a lot of time and effort for both of us if we are going to even try to get through things.

Marina Fri 03-Jun-05 12:53:00

And orange juice is also a good source of folic acid. Thinking of you Titania, hoping the weekend is better for you, and wishing you luck with the counselling. I am sure you know even if dh doesn't that counselling can help people END relationships in a positive way as well as rebuild them. Best wishes

lunavix Fri 03-Jun-05 12:54:07

Congrats hun... been meaning to catch up with you for a while.

Don't know if this is the right thing to say, but I'm sure you will cope. You really wanted no4, and it will be lovely for your three to have another brother or sister.


Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 14:57:29

how am i going to manage 4 kids?? the eldest will have just turned 6 by the time bubs makes an appearance!! AARGH!!!!

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 15:07:39

We have a kind of newbie who is Mumto10

I am sure she will be able to give you some tips.

golds Fri 03-Jun-05 15:16:24

congratulations on your news

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 15:18:17

Regardless of what happens you have a new little life inside you, you lucky girl.

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