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20 weeks pregnant and depressed with anxiety!

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nervoussara Wed 09-Sep-09 22:12:20

I suffer from depression and anxiety and planned this pregnancy.Am on citalopram already. Have maybe been in denial about being pregnant and now reality is hitting. I can't cope and come home from work is day in tears with just terror. I'm not sleeping and just a mess. I function fine at work as I suppose its a big distraction. Can't carry on like this for another 2o weeks.

Rones Thu 10-Sep-09 19:37:16

hello - noticed noone has answered your message so thought I would post to let you know you are not alone! Please speak to your midwife about this or your doctor so that you can get some help, advice and support before you become any more anxious and depressed. I have a history of depression and got quite well in my pregnancy until I found out that my baby was breach (at about 36 weeks) and was an anxious and terrified mess after that! I know how bad it can feel so you have my utter sympathy....Obviously there is no magic wand and you are going through what for me has been the most life changing experience but please believe me - you can and you will cope, you are experiencing what many many women feel but don't always admit to. Don't believe that everyone else has a great pregnancy and birth because what i have learned is that absolutely every woman has a different experience.

Have you told anyone how you are feeling? You really need to get the ball rolling and tell someone you can trust... once you have done that you will find that you are able to tell more (helpful and supportive) people who I am sure will help you through this. Asking for help is so hard and I have resisted so much because I have thought that 'I should be able to cope' - but that's rubbish, you are distressed and you need support and if you have kind friends, family, doctor etc. you will get the help you need.

I don't want to scare you by telling you my story but I did suffer from PND after having my daughter and have been on anti-depressants twice since having her (Sertraline and just the other day started on citalopram) but for everything I've been through it's worth every minute because I have a gorgeous, healthy 16 month old girl and I'm getting the help I need.

You and your baby will be fine even if it doesn't feel like that now. Sorry for going on but hope that helps a bit. xxxx

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