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I've decided Im going to go see my GP...

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Disenchanted3 Tue 08-Sep-09 20:37:46

over my anxiety.

I need to, I can't change it myself.

Today I was as red as a beetroot, sweating, shaky and fell so, so stupid.


Because I walked to school and went into my local shops to get electric on the card.


Its beyond ridiculous now.

I couldn't see DS straight away in his class and my immediate thought was 'OMG hes wandered away from school / gone missing' follew by very genuine heart palpatations.

I need help don't I? This has been going on years mildly but has spiralled the last few months.

Disenchanted3 Tue 08-Sep-09 20:38:51

and I think Im depressed too.
I feel guilty as I have no reason to feel like this, I have a really good life & family

Ewe Tue 08-Sep-09 20:40:29

I don't think depression and anxiety discriminates against things like good life and family, it can hit anyone!

Well done for going to the GP.

Disenchanted3 Tue 08-Sep-09 20:52:58

Thanks x

ErikaMaye Tue 08-Sep-09 21:16:46

Would you blame yourself if you'd broken your leg? Or developed diabetes? Of course not. So don't think you need a reason to feel like this - its a chemical imbalance, you can't help it

I think going to the GP is a good idea though, regardless of what they suggest it is bound to be an improvment from how you've been feeling.

Don't be so hard on yourself If there's anyway I can help at all, please shout. x

willtryharder Tue 08-Sep-09 22:10:33

I did something called the "Lightening Process" at the weekend. It is not a miracle cure but does have a high success rate. I definitely feel better. They show you a technique which helps you change your thought patterns everytime you feel you are (what they call) heading for the "Pit".

You are constantly flooding your system with stress hormones which eventually makes you ill.

MermaidSpam Tue 08-Sep-09 23:24:30

what ErikaMaye said!

Just think of it as putting a bandage on a sprained wrist.

Hope you feel better soon

Alambil Wed 09-Sep-09 02:50:30

hey lovely... hope you get to see the doctor - I took that step today and it was terrifying, but like erika said, I'd go for a broken leg, so why not a broken mind

by the way, have you seen this... it's about TR sale thingy

Disenchanted3 Wed 09-Sep-09 08:08:45

Thanks Lewis, I hadn't, will reply to them when Im back from school.

Am feeling really nervous about the GPs today, not made an appointment yet, no idea what to say.

DH is on medication for depression and he warned me they made him feel like an idiot when he went, hes not being horrid, just honest.

ErikaMaye Wed 09-Sep-09 10:56:57

Hmm can you make sure you see a different doctor? When my DP went they were total arses to him, and he was crying - doctor basically just threw the script at him and told him to get a grip angry

However, it is unfortunately the case that doctors tend to be moe understanding of women with emotional issues - because we're only girls, after all hmm So try and reassure yourself with that at least!!

Definately try and see a different doctor if you can - if theres a female doctor, might be worth trying to see her.

As to what to say ... Just be honest. Tell them how bad you're feeling, and how extreme its got, that you've tried to manage it yourself but now its beyound you, and you feel you need some help.

Am around all day if you want to talk. Stay strong, you're doing fantastically. x

NanaNina Wed 09-Sep-09 18:28:57

Disenchanted 3 - SO very sorry you are feeling so rough and like others have said this is not something you could prevent yourself. However having suffered from anxiety and depression in the past I know the feeling that you should be able to stop it happening. I think it is one of the symptoms of the illness - it's a bit of a deceitful illness because it makes us think we should be able to prevent it.

Depression and anxiety are very closelylinked and almost always come together. The anxiety is often the first symptom to show itself and the last one to subside. Your GP may prescribe anti-depressants and they can be helpful for a short time. Counselling may help too to get to the bottom of the cause of your problems. I know someone has talked of chemical inbalance but the problem is that there is no real agreement with drs about whether the chemical imbalance is caused by stress or somesuch or the other way round - a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

Do hope you will be feeling better soon. There a lot of self help books around which may be helpful. Don't forget that depression is almost always an illness with a beginning a middle and an end and you will feel better but it will take time. I say this because when you are feeling so low it is difficult to believe that you will ever feel better...........but you will.

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