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Day 7 on Prozac - come and tell me I will feel better soon!!

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BigMomma3 Sun 06-Sep-09 18:09:08

Having what seems to be pretty usual side effects - heightened anxiety, feeling befuddled and unable to concentrate, forgetful, mind racing, dark depressing thoughts, lightheaded (which is why I finally decided to start taking it in first place)!

Can someone whos been through this please tell me that I will start feeling better soon to keep me going. After a massive panic attack on Friday, my GP told me to immediately switch to Paroxetine (Seroxat) but I am not going to because I have heard horror stories about it. I am aware that Prozac is slow to start working and I will feel worse before I feel better on it. Am also taking Propranolol to help with the anxiety. I have heard wonderful stories about Prozac and would like to give it 2 weeks to start working before giving up on it so am determined to continue.

Anyone who's been on it and feels good on it, please come and tell me about it!!

pamdev Sun 06-Sep-09 22:05:49

Hi, I am in the same boat. Started on wenesday and actually feel worse today. Mind racing and just can't seem to settle. Is this normal?

ErikaMaye Sun 06-Sep-09 23:23:44

Two weeks to a month for it to kick in. Perfectly normal (although not enjoyable!) to feel more anxious. Definately worth giving it a few weeks, though afterwards if you need to change because you're still feeling down - I was on Citalopram before I changed to Fluroxotine; Citalopram made me feel worse, the Floroxotine helped.

Unfortuntely, its also normal to feel worse for thr first few days to a week on ADs, too. GPs really should warn about that. Keep an eye on your mood and if you're feeling dangerously low, don't feel bad about asking for extra support from your GP.

For anxiety, try Rescue Remedy, and also wearing an elastic band - pinging it when you're feeling very anxious can snap you back into thinking more rationally.

Panic Attacks - carry a paper bag with you. Being prepared for it happening will make you less anxious. Also if it does happen again, try singing or humming, as it helps moderate your breathing.

If I can be of any help at all, please just let me know Am back on Prozac myself, just upp'ed my dosage so feeling pretty crappy! Tend to be prepared for it now, but if you haven't done it before then you can't know.

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