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Sertraline and affect on baby?

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Littlejo26 Tue 01-Sep-09 19:38:12

I have just been prescribed 50mg of Sertraline, I plucked up the courage to seek help. I asked for help from the Dr last year but the Dr back then wouldnt prescribe me any Anti D's cos I was breastfeeding, he told me I needed to stop breastfeeding if he was to prescribe me anything!!

Anyway in the meantime I had another baby and didnt wanna take anything whilst pregnant, but Im still on a low and know im still depressed, so off I went to the Drs today. I think she's put me on the lowest dose but im really worried about what effects it might have on my 6 week old baby?

Has anyone who has taken sertraline noticed any difference in their babies once they started on it??

thanks in advance!

Rones Tue 01-Sep-09 21:42:44

hello - just seen your post by chance... I was put on Sertraline when my dd was about 9 weeks old so not long after doctor did lots of research into it and was very confident that there would be no ill effects for my dd as I also breastfed till dd was 11 months old. I think I took ADs for about 6 months (I really can't remember!) and she is a happy and healthy 16 month old. I really don't think they have had any bad effects and I feel I made the right choice to help me cope and keep on breastfeeding...

I hope this offers you some reassurance. Good luck in your decision and hope you feel better soon.

p.s - I am about to go back on ADs so try not to come off them too quickly....

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