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whats wrong with me??

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cherrybloom Thu 27-Aug-09 16:06:54

hi everyone, im new to this site, and have found the topics very good, it helps me alot,
well it all started for me about 6 months ago, was going on holiday, am terrified of flying, but usually got over it, but this time the night before i couldnt sleep was crying because i couldnt get to sleep, so got on plane next day feeling extra anxious because i had no sleep was worried about that, the first 2 nights on hols i still couldnt sleep, all during the days i couldnt relax, thinking about not sleeping, became very anxious altogether,when we got home, went to the doctor she gave me sleeping tablets to sort my sleep out, everything now is fine with my sleeping, but i just cant shake the feeling of being sad, asking myself constantly whats wrong with me? i wish i could be myself again, and not worry bout whats going on in my head, i cry alot of the time because im afraid incase i get worse, im just so confused in my head, i dont look forward to anything, i just dont feel like me, and im scared for the future! sorry for the long post and thank you to anyone that took the time to read it,

NaughtyAlice Thu 27-Aug-09 16:09:20

I have no advice i'm afraid, but big hugs and i hope someone with some experience comes along soon smile

NaughtyAlice Thu 27-Aug-09 16:18:51

Have you had depression in the past? Has there been something that has kicked it off before? TBH, i think that something like this needs some professional counselling as it sounds like more than just a bit down.

Have you always been scared of flying? Have you got other phobias? What i mean is, are there certain things that get you feeling panicky and upset other than flying? How do you cope with those?

cherrybloom Thu 27-Aug-09 16:44:37

thanks for the replies, i have always been scared of flying, but always got on over it, but with the no sleep involved at the time, i was just so anxious, i never had depression, was always a worrier, i cant think of anything in particular that sets me off, just everything, like in my head its oh god what if i feel anxious what if what if,, its going on so long now that i dont know what to do anymore, i just feel desperate, i cant even make sense of it in my head, its all so confusing, sorry prob not making any sense, thanks for reading

NaughtyAlice Thu 27-Aug-09 19:43:56

I think counselling would be a very good idea tbh. If you go back to your Dr's and explain all this then they may put you down for some on the NHS. If you can afford to go private however you will get seen a lot sooner.

Try to think of it as a little blip. Something that you will get over and think nothing more about. It is easier said than done, but i find if i am feeling low, it helps to know it is only temporary iyswim?

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