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my husband has a drink problem

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kissmummy Wed 26-Aug-09 22:39:37

he is drinking way too much and knows it. (a bottle and a half or two bottles of wine on a weekend night would not be unusual. he might get through five bottles of wine between Friday night and Sunday night.)
I am desperate to help him stop but not sure how to approach it.
I encouraged him to see his GP and after lots of persuasion he finally agreed. The GP gave him some blood tests. Amazingly the tests came back fine (or so he tells me, though he sometimes lies about his drinking issues). I was sure the tests would show liver problems and was very happy and relieved but the heavy drinking goes on and i worry for his health.
The GP said he could go to some drop in clinic locally but he hates this idea, fearing he will be seen by someone who knows us. DH has now asked me to help him find someone else who can help him (some kind of private doctor?) but I don't know where to begin. i can't see him agreeing to go to alcoholics anonymous because in his mind that will just be for seriously problem drinkers. he can survive a day or two without any drink at all, and probably longer if he put his mind to it. he never drinks in the morning or even afternoon. he only ever appears a bit drunk late at night. BUT he's drinking huge quantities and is often slurry and not really with it on Friday/Sat/Sunday nights. last week he promised to give up drinking during the week. tonight i find he has had two beers and two glasses of wine. he lied to me about it.
does anyone have any advice? maybe i'm worrying unneccesarily and it's no big deal? he is in his mid 40s.

hf128219 Wed 26-Aug-09 22:42:17

There are some very helpful people on here. Hopefully they will come along soon.

It's a lot of drink (at the weekends) - and you are worried.

Bumping for you.

kissmummy Wed 26-Aug-09 22:43:54

thanks. i'm sure this is a very common situation and the good thing is he does want help but we don't know where to begin since we've gone down the GP route and that didn't work. i suppose the GP might be able to recommend someone private. DH says he's prepared to pay

noddyholder Wed 26-Aug-09 22:48:26

The lying is more indicative of a problem than the volumes tbh.My dp is a recovering alcoholic and so I have some experienc but would rather not discuss it here as someone recognised me and it was difficult but if you want to CAT me at any time you are more than welcome.Dp hasn;t drank alcohol in 18 yrs and we have a great and very normal life xx

MIFLAW Thu 27-Aug-09 23:17:48

I am happy recovering alcoholic in AA.

"i can't see him agreeing to go to alcoholics anonymous because in his mind that will just be for seriously problem drinkers." By the sound of it, he IS a serious problem drinker.

He's welcome whenever it gets bad enough. Sadly for you, bad enough for him might be a long time after bad enough for you.

Happy to talk if it will help, on here or away from site.

Hope you are ok. Drunks really can be shits, can't they?


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