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It makes me really cross . . .

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DaisyParker Wed 26-Aug-09 11:46:56

I'm just venting really but it winds me up when people talk about someone having a serious anxiety problem when they have had a couple of panic attacks.

They have NO IDEA.

(Maybe this should go in AIBU!)

msrisotto Wed 26-Aug-09 11:50:28

Yebbut it's not your place to underestimate or rank other peoples emotions.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 26-Aug-09 11:53:15

Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways. I have an underlying anxiety problem which when I don't deal with it effectively leads to me suffering pretty serious depression.

I don't have panic attacks (or at least not what I see panic attacks as being) but my whole life can be affected.

DaisyParker Wed 26-Aug-09 11:54:52

I know, I just needed to get it off my chest.

DaisyParker Wed 26-Aug-09 12:04:16

Sorry, that was a reply to Msrisotto

puddytats Wed 26-Aug-09 12:21:05

I suffer with really bad anxiety but it rarely manifests itself into panic attacks.because of my anxiety i have been close to suicide and once nearly sectioned, the only reason i was not was due to my husband taking total control of everything

Obviuosly i have NO IDEA what true anxiety is like. angry

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