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Worried about ttc DC2 after not brilliant experience with DS1

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jamandjerusalem Mon 24-Aug-09 18:57:45

I have a 2yo DS and we're thinking about trying for a second child some time in the not too distant future...

But I had a bit of a tough time with DS when he was little - just had no idea what I was letting myself in for, DS was unwell when he was born and in hospital for a week, didn't sleep well until he was 9mo and I think I suffer terribly when I'm tired

Don't think I had undiagnosed PND but I definitely experienced anxiety like nothing I've known before (was always a fairly laid back person before). I got tested for the PND assessment but made sure I answered it 'optimistically' and even then they quizzed me. I would cry all the time, row with DH, couldn't sleep even when DS was asleep, terrified of doing anything in case it messed up DS and his routine.

I'd love another child and if I could fast forward to 2 I would! I'm just so worried about the little baby bit hmm

Any advice? I know everyone says it's easier the second time round but I'm not sure I believe them...

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