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ADs and pyscodynamic counselling?

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sb9 Sun 23-Aug-09 19:46:12


Wondering whether to go back on sertraline or not. I just dont feel happy no matter what i do, its so hard as im laughing on the outside but not the in (for exmaple this weekend we have been out and about but i just dont feel happy)

I know i have problems emotionally which i am going to counseeling for but wondered if i should try ads again or are they just pering over the cracks?

Also, how do you know if you have pnd? I have an 18month old and lover her but just not my life at the moment, i find myself thinking i made the wrong choice having a child and when people say ' oh as soon as i had my baby i just wanted to stay at home with them.... and bet you cant imagine your life without them...' I just feel like there is something wrong with me as i dont feel it. I love my baby so much and hate feeling like this ;(

HelensMelons Mon 24-Aug-09 19:14:53

Hi sb9

I had pnd a few years ago with dd3(6) - around that time it was felt that ad's and counselling together were very effective for pnd.

My Health Visitor did some pnd test (bunch of questions) it's not entirely accurate but I scored low enough for her to suggest a group that I could go to locally. So perhaps your HV could carry that out with you?

I found having a new baby very overwhelming and felt like the tar monster from scooby doo most of the time. It was horrible but it was sorted out with the group, etc.

I think if you are also seeking counselling you're not just smoothing over the cracks at all and by perhaps going back on the ad's they could not only help your mood but motivation as well and maybe you will feel a bit better overall a little more quickly x

sb9 Tue 25-Aug-09 09:27:06

Thanks, yeah my motivation is awful at the moment, i have good intentions to do someting but then dont bother. Was just worried by taking tablets Im blocking out the real reasons i dont feel happy and that then i wont tackle it, if you see what i mean.

Just dont know if i have have a little pnd as i had depression before i had my baby..

HelensMelons Tue 25-Aug-09 10:59:26

Would it be helpful to go back to your gp to discuss ad's? I don't know much about ad's but it sounds like you are unsure if you want something that lifts your mood a bit or stabilises it? If that is the case then lifting your mood would probably make things feels a little more manageable but wouldn't 'cure' the underlying feelings that you have that are the core of your unhappiness (?)

From the title of your thread you are committed to exploring those feelings in psychodynamic counselling - I don't think you could block out the feelings you have - I think psychodynamic can be intense at times.

You could discuss ad's with your counsellor as well if you wanted to.

GP would also be able to help with pnd - if you feel that a dx would be helpful x

sb9 Tue 25-Aug-09 19:17:50

The gps are just keen to get you on ads, i feel they dont understand me at all. I am with a counsellor and will ask her when i go this week. Its really hard to know what to do for the best, the exploring your feelings has made me worse at the moment as it has brought up painful feelings i had buried and changed the way i feel about people too.

I dont know if i have pnd either..

HelensMelons Thu 27-Aug-09 19:54:47

I think counselling is really really hard - the closer you come up to the brick wall the more insurmountable it feels, however, stick with it coz you will find a way over it or round it or through it.

sb9 Fri 28-Aug-09 12:33:21

Just saw my counsellor last night and thinkg im going to stick with that instead of going back on ads. I think its going to be long and tough. I did see someone else before but this lady and I have clicked so much more and what she says seems to just make sense.

She thinks that my depression is from anger turned inwards from when i was a child and its diggging into to it to find out exactly whats going on. Its so scary though as since i have had counselling i have realised i am angry with my mum and now i cant see her without feeling it. I often wonder whether it would be easier not to dig around as the prospect of these feelings is terrifying.

HelensMelons Thu 03-Sep-09 17:22:06

I think when you hit on something that has been buried deeply it is frightening - thankfully you've got the safety of your counselling environment to explore this - at your own pace. Your counsellor will be very supportive of you as well which I think you need when you make these kind of discoveries!

I know what you mean about feeling angry with your mum and stuff like that - I was the same but it passes - every now and again it creeps back in but doesn't stay long with me thank goodness - at least I can recognise it!

God, it's hard work isn't it?!

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