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Horrendous panic attacks, please help me.

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sunfleurs Sun 23-Aug-09 09:54:48

I have suffered from panic attacks for years but they have never been really severe think about 4/5 on the scale and I could go for weeks without having one. In the last two weeks though they have increased massively and I am having them nearly every day, I mean proper 10/10 ones. They are usually triggered by having to go somewhere, though I have had a couple in the house as well.

Been to my doctor and been referred for CBT, she offered me anti depressants but I am unwilling to take them as I know they generally worsen the panic attacks in the first couple of weeks you are on them and I just can't face that. Every day I wake up and wonder if I am going to have one and I know that is perpetuating them.

Please help me, what do you do if you have them?, What works for you? I have tried a thing called Box Breathing which does seem to help control them a little. On Thursday and Friday of this week I didn't have an attack at all though did feel a bit anxious. Just need some ideas and anyone who has gone on anti depressants for them, did it work, did you get through the first couple of weeks ok. Any advice at all really.

mermalaid Sun 23-Aug-09 18:54:42

sounds as though you've got into a bit of a vicious cycle, breathing exercises should help, would you try relaxation medictation CD's?

OrmIrian Sun 23-Aug-09 18:59:45

sunfleurs - I suffered from anxiety very badly last summer (and on and off for many years). I was given citalopram and it worked within a week - I had been worried about the side effects but i had none at all.

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