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I just want to get away from them and it.

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Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 15:48:45

Im really sick. I just want to get away from the kids and all the emotions im feeling. I dont want to be me anymore. I just want to runaway and leave it all behind. Cant stop crying.

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 16:07:49

Knew I was really a Billy!

almostanangel Sat 28-May-05 16:08:36

oh hun[[[[hugs]]]]]

dabihp Sat 28-May-05 16:08:40

a Billy?

dabihp Sat 28-May-05 16:09:28

Lousie, do u have someone to support u with the kids?
maybe someoen who could take them for a few days?

almostanangel Sat 28-May-05 16:10:20

come on you were my help yesterday...

charliecat Sat 28-May-05 16:10:48

Was thinking the same early evening walk with the kids after dinner? Fresh Airs good and its hard to cry outside

LottieG Sat 28-May-05 16:11:45

Hi Louise

Don't know if there's anything I can say to help, but wanted to add my support.

Has something specific happened (sorry if I've missed something).

almostanangel Sat 28-May-05 16:13:55

i have catted you ok ? answer if you want ..if you just want to rant do so know i dont mind..x

weesaidie Sat 28-May-05 16:14:25

Hey Louise

Just wanted to say I am very sorry things are so difficult for you right now...

It does sound like you need a break sweetie, do u think you could get one? Or that it would help?

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:12:45

Mam and Dad are away on holiday till Monday. Sister is babysitting tomorrow when Im at work but then again works not much better as I work with 5 men!!

dabihp a billy is someone with no friends. Billy^^no^^mates

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:15:35

AAA Ive just checked for mail and I didnt get your cat.

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 19:21:12


weesaidie Sat 28-May-05 20:06:21

HI Louise, sorry have been offline...

If you want to CAT me, feel free.

How are the wee ones today? Any idea what social services are going to do to help you?

I hope you are ok.

Louise1980 Sun 29-May-05 09:16:19

The way I feel right now Sadie, no1 wants to help. me.

I tried what Bubbly suggested and looking at everyday as a new one but Im feeling so let down at the moment.

Things started foing wrong on saturday and have gone downhill since. My HV says she will see me in 3wks and social services never said what they were going to to. My mam and dad went away on wednesday and my sister joinded them on friday. I feel isolated. Looking forward to my day out with North-East MNers on tuesday keeps me sane!

Going to work tonight so that will be a welcome break.

JustThinking Sun 29-May-05 09:20:28

Message withdrawn

JustThinking Sun 29-May-05 09:24:43

Message withdrawn

Louise1980 Sun 29-May-05 09:30:39

Justthinking I work till midnight so it cant be done. Im goin to ask mam to take kids to her caravan with her in a couple of weeks and I will have some lazy time and might go shopping!

JustThinking Sun 29-May-05 09:31:14

Message withdrawn

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 09:39:23

sorry hun i will try you feeling

Louise1980 Sun 29-May-05 11:36:02

Justhinking GP knows how I feel but as Im on 40mg or fluoxetine a day thers not much else they can do. Im waiting for an appointment for a CPN but Im not holding my breath!

AAA I e-mailed you back and its a long one sorry!

weesaidie Sun 29-May-05 12:26:44

I hope your mum can help you out and give you a break.

Sorry I can't be more helpful! If you lived near me you could dump them on me for a while!

It is good when you can get a break, when my dd's dad takes her for a night or day (sometimes both!) I always feel refreshed when she returns!

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 13:17:50

lou dont be silly i dont mind honest ....maybe you could write all your things that are winding you up on paper all the things you can do something about ,,do,ie big pile of ironing.etc all the things that are difficult see if you can find help with and all the big things that are out of your control put though a sredder! ........

essbee Sun 29-May-05 17:17:12

Message withdrawn

Louise1980 Mon 30-May-05 19:12:50

essbee it took me ages to find one that dodnt make me ill which s why they dont want to change it.
Today hasnt been too bad. We've been out all day and kids are shattered. Ellis is in bed asleep and Cory was watching a video when I came down.

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