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Having an up and down day

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JammyQueenOfTheSewers Thu 20-Aug-09 14:00:00

Have been getting treatment for depression for about 3 years now. Not sure I feel much better overall, though there have been some MUCH better periods since starting treatment. I also suspect I may have been suffering for some time before I sought help.

About a year ago my GP gave me the number of a counselling service (I asked for a recommendation) and today i finally plucked up the courage to ring them! And ever since I've been swinging between being pleased that I've taken that step and being scared that it'll make me face things I'd rather not think about/that I'm such a failure/that I'll never really get better.

Appointment for intial assessment is in a month's time so plenty of time to worry. Can anyone reassure me that I've done the right thing and that it will be OK?

RIAlityBites Thu 20-Aug-09 17:14:53

I think you have done the right thing jammysmile. A good counsellor can really help, and these things are always worth a try. Good luck!

LackaDAISYcal Thu 20-Aug-09 18:10:51

Jammy, you have definately done the right thing smile

Counselling isn't for everyone, but until you have given it a go, you won't know if it's for you or not. And it may well help you get things in perspective and help you realise what your triggers are. They may also be able to offer you some CBT or other talking therapy which will help you deal with the way you have been feeling.

Try not to worry about the appointment though, as it is a positive step and every MH worker I have met have been niceness personified and went out of their way to really out me at ease smile

I sobbed at the GP this morning when I saw her and have got a referral to the counselling team there, so we'll see what happens, although having spoken to a counsellor before, it did make me feel worse before feeling better, but it did help me see that a lot of my issues are quite deeply rooted in my childhood. I didn't keep up with it, as I had DS at home with me and couldn't always get a sitter and it was too much to take him with me all the time, especially as he was at an age where he was starting to be aware of things being said over his head. Having been down the counselling route before, I'm happy that I'll be going through it again and hope that it will help finish rooting out my unresolved issues smile

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